Mini 2023 starts showing up before launch

MINI Cooper 2023: la nuova generazione comincia a mostrarsi thumbnail

To boost the anticipation MINI has been releasing some pretty interesting static photographs of what will be there version 2023 which in fact marks the launch of the fourth generation of the popular British utility. From the images released by the manufacturer the MINI 2023 which is shown in a three-door configuration, powered by an electric motor that will take on more prominence than the current SE version, although traditional versions with diesel and gasoline combustion will also be available.

Since it won’t come until 2023, unsurprisingly, the British brand is reluctant (at least for the moment) to reveal further details of the new generation. Despite this, camouflage cannot hide the traditional shapes and visual cues that have characterized this vehicle so much since it was introduced on the market at the turn of the century. If we let ourselves be guided by the images, it seems that the fourth generation of the MINI will be offered with a slightly smaller size, specifically in the length of the vehicle.

The brand has not provided any interior images, although if you zoom in on the images you notice that this new generation of Cooper SE will use a ampio display touch screen from where, most likely, you will be able to view the information coming from the much technology that this new model will offer. In addition, everything indicates that the British company will forego leather for this generation of MINI by focusing on sustainable fabrics and a range of vibrant colors.

MINI 2023, sure a convertible and maybe even a John Cooper Works

The MINI Cooper 2023 family will once again include a convertible model and, this time, production will take place in Oxford instead of being the responsibility of the car manufacturing company VDL Nedcar in the Netherlands. Fans are hoping there will be a version again John Cooper Works, which will likely be the last with a combustion engine, as MINI wants to be fully electric by 2030. Before that happens, MINI will bring a new JCW to market with the aim of continuing to deliver the same driving sensations.

Mini 2023

As these first images of the fourth generation are of the 100% electric version, it is expected that this will greatly improve in terms of efficiency so that autonomy exceeds 300 kilometers. It should be remembered that the current model barely covers a distance of 234 km, so it’s safe to bet that the British brand focuses all efforts on improving battery technology.