MINI and Paul Smith, between past, future and sustainability

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Presented as a world premiere at Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022, the Mini Strip conquered everyone. A unique model that combines quality, sustainability, functionality and minimalism.

Author of all this, needless to say, the English designer Paul Smithpresent in Milan together with Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. Smith thus consecrates twenty years of collaboration with Mini.
Mini Strip not only carries its name, but also its unique creativity.

Mini Milan

Paul Smith is the Mini concept car that could revolutionize the car market

Starting from one Mini Cooper S, the machine was emptied of everything Sir. Paul Smith found it superfluous by keeping everything to a minimum. A basic and minimal car, which however pushes the accelerator towards eco-sustainability.

Mini Strip by Paul Smith Mini Strip by Paul Smith

Here then is that the interior spaces are covered in cork, like the dashboard, while on the interior doors the handles are replaced by ropes.

Mini Strip by Paul Smith revolutionizes the idea of ​​a machine that respects the environment. Not only zero emissions, but also the use of more easily recyclable materials.

internal Mini Strip  internal Mini Strip

Deliberately leaving out the finishing parts, the shell with the bare and uncoated floor dominates the interior, with rustic recycled rubber mats on top. In addition to the innovative and resource-saving materials, Paul Smith’s design excludes entire instruments in other places: a magnet next to the steering wheel houses the smartphone which, apart from the speedometer, replaces almost all the old buttons and functions of the dashboard. The steering wheel can be completely removed for easier entry and exit from the car – an innovative solution and an ironic joke, symbol of Paul Smith’s signature wit.

“We have made a car of the 90s totally up-to-date”, this is how the designer describes it. “Ideas are never a problem, they can be found everywhere. The challenge is to put them into practice. Here it worked. A dream has come true, ”says Sir Paul Smith.

Mini Strip by Paul Smith Mini Strip by Paul Smith

Revolutionize the past by making it future

The Mini Recharged project was also presented in Milan, a true fusion of tradition and technology. In this case, the English designer Paul Smith even managed to surpass himself.
Starting from an icon such as Mini Paul Smith Edition 1998, a model that made him famous all over the world, Sir Paul has seen fit to combine past and future, classic and technology in a car that made history.

Mini Paul Smith Edition 1998Mini Paul Smith Edition 1998

In fact, on the iconic and dated Mini Paul Smith, an electric motor has been installed on the original model, a real revolution.
This change also allows older cars to equip themselves with a system that makes them more eco-friendly and zero emissions.
The project thus winks at those around 1,800 owners of a 1998 Mini Paul Smith, who want to revolutionize their car.

Electric classic miniElectric classic mini

Paul Smith removes steering wheelPaul Smith removes steering wheel

The prototype of this unique edition was painted a bright blue, based on a sample taken from one of Paul Smith’s favorite shirts. The new unique model retains this unmistakable and memorable color tone, while the lime green battery box recalls a 90s color palette. Despite the restyling, however, the original soul of the car remains.

Paul Smith and the shirt cut to take a samplePaul Smith and the shirt cut to take a sample

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