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MINI Cooper S and MINI Countryman: totally new and unrecognizable •

Munich – On the occasion of the IAA in Munich, MINI presented the new ones MINI Cooper S e Countryman: they are completely renovated but above all unrecognizable, both inside and out. The cars just shown to the press therefore represent the future of the historic brand by proposing new external shapes, new interiors (which wink at elements of the past), electric and otherwise, but above all digital and minimalist. All futuristic features that seem to come from a not too distant future; characteristics to which – perhaps – we still have to pay attention.
And the famous go-kart feeling? That seems to continue to accompany the brand… even in the electric versions. The answer is yes: they are also petrol.

New MINI Cooper S: no, it’s not a concept

mini cooper s 2023

The new MINI Coopers made its debut here at the IAA in Monaco in Babiera. Now in the fifth generation of the iconic 3-door model, it recalls the tradition of the brand with the characteristic MINI design even if now the shapes become more essential and lose those roundness typical of the brand now offering more squared lines albeit maintaining the distinctive “circle” signs ” like the light clusters and the iconic central screen.

new mini cooper mini countryman 2023

Oh yes, electric but also petrol

MINI has its future very clear in mind… and it will be an electric future. This, however, from 2030. For this reason then the new MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman will be available with both petrol engines and electric and MINI’s promise is to maintain the go-kart feeling even in the electrified versions.

Instead, the diesel and plug-in hybrid versions disappear.

The new MINI Cooper will be available in four different trim levels – Essential, Classic, Favorite and JCW – giving the new MINI its own distinct character.

In the electrified version, the 135 kW/184 hp electric motor in the MINI Cooper E generates a torque of 290 Nm and accelerates the vehicle from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. With a
160 kW/218 hp, the MINI Cooper SE sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds with a maximum torque of 330 Nm. The range determined in the WLTP test cycle is 305 kilometers for the MINI Cooper E and 402 kilometers for the MINI Cooper SE.

On paper they have significantly more range than the current full electric MINI Cooper S already available on the market.

The interiors are also new: minimalism, fabrics and technology

The interiors are also beautiful, making a significant leap forward compared to the past: the textile surfaces revolutionize the aesthetics, making them truly essential. To dominate the display OLED rotondo with the new operating system MINI Operating System 9 which serves both as an instrument panel and as a center of experience and comfort.

mini 2023 interiorInterior of the new MINI Cooper S

The new interior experience is mainly created by the fabric surfaces. A specially developed manufacturing process is used to create the easy-care, versatile structure of the two-tone fabric. As an option, up to seven MINI Experience Modes can bring the dashboard to life. Special light projections extend the colors of the round display across the entire dashboard, expanding the overall user interface experience in the cabin.

new mini countryman 2023New MINI Countryman

The new MINI Countryman promises a lot of adventure

The new MINI Countryman instead it has now grown in external dimensions and offers its passengers even more space, comfort and safety – not only on paved roads, thanks to the all-wheel drive.
At first glance, the new Countryman looks like a fusion of BMW iX and BMW MX (both models tested recently on our Youtube channel). A very particular mix that at a glance makes it perhaps more characteristic than the new Cooper.

The Countryman will also be available in both electric and petrol versions (the plug-in hybrid version is out of production).

The electric motor of the MINI Countryman is 150 kW/204 hp in the Countryman E version and is capable of generating a torque of 250 Nm and accelerating the car from standstill to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds.
With 230 kW/313 hp, the electric motors in the all-wheel drive MINI Countryman SE ALL4 generate a total torque of 494 Nm and accelerate the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. The range in the WLTP test cycle is 462 kilometers for the MINI Countryman E and 433 kilometers for the MINI Countryman SE ALL4.

mini cooper 2023 interiorInterior MINI Countryman

Similar but different interiors

Inside, the versatile new MINI Countryman is the largest and most spacious MINI model available. The minimally designed dashboard and door panels are covered with woven fabric surfaces. Their design is coordinated with eight different MINI Experience Modes: these maximize the options for personalizing the cabin through light projections, a customizable user interface and new engine sounds.

Here too – of course – the central OLED display with a diameter of 240 millimeters features the new operating system. Compared to the new MINI Cooper, the air vents in the cabin are arranged vertically and, together with the upright dashboard, underline the character of the new MINI Countryman.

As in the exterior, the vertically mounted door handles are also integrated flush with the surfaces in the interior. In combination with the panoramic tinted glass roof and the clear, reduced shapes of the front and rear seats, the ambience of the new MINI Countryman is particularly light and spacious. The increased body size provides more headroom and legroom. The four trim levels available – Essential, Classic, Favorite and JCW – offer different levels of design and equipment and give the new MINI Countryman a distinctive character.

When will they hit the market? We’ll find out soon.

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