MINI (re) meets Lucca Comics & Games

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To ignite the first hours of Lucca Comics & Games think about it MINI, which returns for the third edition alongside the beloved Tuscan Festival. A collaboration that is therefore becoming more and more solid, underlining the closeness between these two worlds, as well as the iconic nature of the brand, which is now part of the collective imagination. And for this return to Lucca, MINI has prepared a very special surprise, taking the opportunity to celebrate an important anniversary.

An unmissable installation by MINI at Lucca Comics & Games 2021

The Big Love“. This is the theme to be developed, linked to the central concept of MINI. Solo & Diamond, two street artists of great caliber for a long time side by side, have therefore unleashed their creativity, to give life to a panel of fifteen square meters that can now be admired at Lucca Comics & Games and that you can see in the photos of this article .

The authors were present at the presentation press conference, right in the heart of the event. They told us about their experience, explaining the long creative process behind the realization that took place in the last four days directly on location. After the design phase, which took place in complete freedom as an expression of a shared value between the artists and MINI, we then start from a trace in pencil to bring the drawing to life completely. With great irony they underlined that among the aspects they loved most of this occasion were the possibility of cycling around the city (unthinkable in their Rome) and legendary tordelli typical of the city.

The final result is a work particularly dynamic, which starts from the iconic model of MINI John Cooper Works, to immerse it in a vibrant and lively atmosphere, that of a film set. One shade red on dominates the whole panel, with different variations on the shades, crossing all the souls that surround the car, reconnecting to the location. In short, another way to highlight the closeness between MINI and Lucca Comics & Games.

2021 is a key year for the brand

mini lucca comics games 2021

This project comes in a year really special for the brand. In fact, in 2021 the twenty years of MINI reborn in Italy within the BMW Group, but not only. This year, in fact, the announcement of one has also arrived great evolution of the brand, which by 2030 aims to officially become full electric. An ambitious goal, but which undoubtedly demonstrates the company’s attention to sustainability.

This eye is also seen in the installation itself. In fact, Solo & Diamond have also used a special paint for their work, which exploits the Airlite technology. This offers filtering capabilities, which allow not only to sanitize the walls from bacteria and viruses, but also to eliminate toxic substances from the air we breathe.

The Director of MINI Italy Stefano Ronzoni commented on the initiative as follows:

“Lucca Comics is an extraordinary opportunity for us at MINI to give vent to our creativity. We are happy to renew our participation with a special project that traces these 20 years of MINI in Italy and to be able to tell through the creativity of Solo & Diamond issues that are important to us and make them known to the public. Lucca Comics gathers people from all over the world, without distinction, united by a single passion for comics. Likewise MINI has no barriers. Our goal is that everyone can express themselves in the best way, always keeping the peculiarities and differences of each one at heart “.

They joined him Solo & Diamond, who issued the following statement:

“We have taken up the great challenge of representing the MINI John Cooper Works within the framework of Lucca Comics 2021. A challenge made even more exciting by the anniversary of the trait d’union between MINI and BMW Group. Having absorbed and made our own all the principles and experiences carried out over the past 20 years, we have reworked everything in our artistic language, thanks to the trust that MINI has placed in us; always keeping in mind the very high level and visibility of the Tuscan event. It was fun to represent a very dynamic MINI John Cooper Works, jumping through a big heart created by two hands, directly into the imagery of the illustration “.

Se seven to Lucca Comics & Games 2021 you can discover the installation dedicated to MINI al Sports Hall. Have you already gone to visit it?