MINI will be at the Fuori Salone with a photographic exhibition for its 20th anniversary

MINI sarà al Fuori Salone con una mostra fotografica per i suoi 20 anni thumbnail

At the Fuori Salone 2021 there will also be MINI. The vehicle that celebrates 20 years within the BMW Group has decided to celebrate this special occasion with a photographic exhibition to be held at the GUD Bocconi, one of the coolest clubs in Milan, born last September in the prestigious university becoming a reference point for university students.

MINI: how the idea for this photographic exhibition was born

“I thank GUD for allowing us to carry out this project and to host us in this new space, born within the Bocconi University” these are the words of Maurizio Ambrosino, General Manager BMW Milan. “We are happy that MINI is once again the protagonist of the Milanese scene, but above all we are celebrating the 20 years of the brand under the BMW Group banner within such an important setting as that of the Salone del Mobile. It is nice to see how a city like Milan can restart after the difficult months we have lived “.

The photographic exhibition, open to the public, will be held from 8 to 25 September and will retrace the 20 years of MINI in the BMW Group through evocative images displayed in the GUD Bocconi dehors. The undisputed protagonists are the worlds to which MINI has always been linked: design, cinema, fashion, advertising, which have contributed to making MINI known throughout the world, transforming the product into a brand and the icon of British motoring into an icon. of world motoring.

But it doesn’t stop there …

Furthermore, they are on the calendar two appointments have been set that will take place at the GUD Bocconi spaces and will focus on sustainable mobility in Milan and on innovative mobility for young people:

  • September 15: “MINI Milan and young people: the MINI Challenge Academy.”
  • September 22: “MINI Electric and sustainable mobility in Milan.”

Moments in which the public will be able to learn about the history of an icon from its creation to becoming an emblem of sustainable mobility while keeping its distinctive features intact.

The collaboration between MINI Milan and GUD, which represents a meeting place, recreational and innovative in which to give space to young people and personal creativity in various areas. All values ​​that MINI has always loved to share with its community.

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