Tokyo Games Show 2021: Nintendo will not present anything

The Tokyo Games Show 2021 is (almost) upon us and various information on the event begins to arrive, including the confirmation that Nintendo will not present anything

The Tokyo Games Show, like every year, and how it will surely be during this one 2021, is one of the most important videogame themed events and for this edition several confirmations are starting to arrive on the presence or absence of some software houses and companies; Nintendo there will be and will not present anything … at least as regards the field of first party titles.

Nintendo will not present anything during the Tokyo Games Show 2021

Confirmation of the no presence of Nintendo, during the Tokyo Games Show 2021, came directly from the official Twitter profile of the Kyoto company which confirmed that nothing will be presented during the Japanese event. This, however, will not mean that l’ecosistema Nintendo Switch will not be present during the event. By this we mean that some titles, which will also be available for Nintendo Switch, will certainly be presented or explored during the event. No news, however, with regard to first party games. Here is the twitter with which the Big N announced it all:

Several rumors, however, in recent weeks, suggest the possibility of a Nintendo Direct in the month of sSeptember and this would explain the absence of the company during the TGS 2021. Instead, a PlayStation Showcase has been confirmed for this month. Two choices, therefore, those of Sonye Nintendo, very similar and that could impact on the Tokyo Games Show 2021, perhaps with the absence of insights on Sony exclusives. We’ll see what happens.

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