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MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 review: video editing for everyone

In this review we will take a closer look at MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0, the latest version of the famous video editing program designed for inexperienced users. Let’s see what we think!

Video editing is now the order of the day for many of us. However, creating quality content is not at all easy and requires in-depth study to be able to master the tools of the trade. But if you need to create gods simple montages sporadically and for a totally amateur use, MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 could be for you! Let’s see why!

MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 review: video editing for everyone

Graphic interface | MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 Review

The graphical interface reminiscent of professional video editing software like Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, although it is much more simplified. Let’s say that everything is close at hand and there is no need to navigate to the bottom of menus and books. At the bottom there is one timeline that we can use to cut, sync and edit our media. Each chunk is separated by a slot for adding transitions.

The upper part instead consists of 3 panels. The first from the left contains the library tab from which you can access our media, effects, texts and animations. In the center we find preview of the video. Finally on the right we have a the control Panel which is activated when we select an object and allows us to modify its properties. At the top we find the buttons to export the file and other basic features.

The interface is all about simplicity, even if sometimes there is some glitches graph too much. All in all, however, it can be used well and is quite intuitive. After a few tens of minutes of use you should be able to master the software. Otherwise powerful consult the official guides!

MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 review: video editing for everyone

Editing Tools | MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 Review

Let’s see now at the gist of the review. What can we do with this software? From the timeline we can trim and rearrange clips, changing its speed. Selecting a clip in the control panel, sliders appear with which we can change the properties of the images for example by changing the contrast or saturation. We can too apply 3D LUTs which is very convenient for applying the same effect to different clips.

MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 review: video editing for everyone

From the libraries tab we can select the library to use. We can therefore apply effects and transitions to selected clips by simply double-tapping. The most interesting part however in our opinion are the texts which come with a series of pre-set animations and which can be applied directly without doing anything except customizing the sentence to be displayed. You can get cute effects with just a few clicks! You can also add motion animations to inserted media, however these are very basic and often not very useful actions. Finally we can embellish our video with some animated stickers.

As a last tool we have the template. These are pre-edited sequences that we can customize with our clips. In practice, we just need to choose a mood for our video and follow the directions to get a video with an almost professional character in a few minutes.

MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 review: video editing for everyone


MiniTool MovieMaker 5.0 is a very simple video editing software to use. We could define him as the heir to the ancient Movie Maker with whom we created dozens of holiday films, but with an extra gear! For making quick and unpretentious editing is more than enough. You can download the free version to try it out. If, on the other hand, you want to launch me into the world of videomaking, we recommend something more professional. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Ease of use
  • Libraries with ready-made effects

Points against

  • Some graphic defects
  • Limiting for serious work