Prove del GP at Suzuka: Sainz VS Verstappen

The world of Formula 1 has entered a very interesting moment this season, one of the most important races of this first part. We noticed, during testing for the Suzuka GP, that Sainz is practically on Verstappen's heels, recording some very interesting data

What our beloved drivers are about to face is a very important race, as well as unpredictable and dangerous. Unpredictable because this circuit can change the fate of the race in the blink of an eye, depending on the climate, the weather, the hard compounds, the soft tires and many other variables. Dangerous then because there was an earthquake in Taiwan magnitude 7.5 and we know well how dangerous that place can be with the various earthquakes and tsunamis, even if it is expected that there should be no problems in Suzuka. On the circuit, during testing for the Suzuka GP, Sainz recorded some interesting data. We have already mentioned the general data of the tests, but we want to analyze it specifically minimal difference between the timing of Carlos Sainz and that of Max Verstappen.

Prove del GP at Suzuka: Sainz VS VerstappenProve del GP at Suzuka: Sainz VS Verstappen

Suzuka GP practice: Sainz hot on Verstappen's heels

In the “snake” section we note Verstappen's performances which are in fact superior to those of Sainz, but with absolutely minimal differences. In any case, Sainz's SF24 manages to emerge unscathed from every corner, especially as regards Turn 6. Only in Turn 7 does Verstappen seem to have something more, which still keeps him at a slight distance from Sainz. The latter, however, still stands up to him, with just 26 thousandths behind Verstappen. We then see in the slow curves such as the hairpin (11) and the Spoon Curve (13-14) that the difference between Sainz and Verstappen is even a thousandth. The first feedback therefore makes it seem that Ferrari and Red Bull are practically on par, although this needs to be analyzed further. Furthermore, it remains to be seen, because things could go differently once they are on track at the Suzuka GP which will be held this Sunday.

What do you think? We certainly expect the race to be close between the two, but who will win? Tell us your opinion with a comment and continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of Formula 1 and much more!