Mobilize Share: free car sharing for Renault Italia employees

Mobilize Share è il nuovo servizio di car sharing per i dipendenti del Gruppo Renault Italia thumbnail

The Renault Group Italy is preparing to launch the new service by mid-June 100% free corporate car sharing named Mobilize Share. This is an important synergy developed with Mobilize, the fourth pillar of the Renaulution strategy. For employees there will be the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of electric for daily commuting. The project will involve some important vehicles from the group’s range. Here are the details:

Renault Italia launches car sharing for employees: Mobilize Share arrives

At first, Mobilize Share will make available to Dacia Spring which will be accessible free of charge to the employees of the group, for daily commuting, even on weekends. In the future, the range will be further enriched with the arrival of the new one Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. The initiative is set to record progressive growth in the near future, offering Renault Italia employees new opportunities for zero-emission transport.

The company comment

Raffaele Fusilli, CEO of Renault Italy, he states “The Renault Group has always been a welcoming and warm Group, attentive to the needs of its employees. We strongly believe that our mission is to connect and bring human beings closer, is to tell the journey to the goal and not just connect places. Precisely for this reason we have decided to launch the new free 100% electric company car sharing service Mobilize Share dedicated to all employees of the Renault Italy Group. “

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