Mojang: possible two new Minecraft projects

Jez Corden, a journalist known for the sensational leaks he often reveals through his articles, writes this time about Mojang, and two possible new Minecraft projects

On Windows Central, Jez Corden writes in an article full of nostalgia about two new Minecraft projects from Mojang, also affirming his appreciation for the pixel art style of 90’s video games, present on consoles like the Master System, the Super Nintendo and so on. But Corden is not the only one to share this passion: indeed, despite the era characterized by photorealism and an obsession with increasingly impeccable light effects, they remain numerous gamers who prefer “pixelated” games with familiar mechanics, often typical of games of twenty years ago.

Mojang’s experimentalism in the two Minecraft projects

Indeed, the success of Minecraft was also thanks to the fact that it responded to the feelings sought so far by the players. The Minecraft universe showed up colorful but simple, totally made up of blocks, and which placed the player as the only sentient entity able to exploit the world as he pleased. In the years following the acquisition of Mojang a by Microsoft in 2014, two projects were conceived within the Minecraft universe but which they explored different genres, through new spin-off video games in collaboration with Telltale Games, creating Minecraft Story Mode and an isometric dungeon crawler, called Minecraft Dungeons.

Mojang: possible two new Minecraft projects

Mojang often shares Minecraft-inspired pixel art on Instagram, which show the game from a perspective typical of that in a NES or a Game Boy: it is from here that Corden begins to hypothesize a Minecraft in a similar key to Stardew Valley, based on mechanics of cultivation and construction, and a fighting style that would focus on the view from above with the classic weapons of the game. Or again, an RPG in which they collect little creatures, which form a team with which to challenge their enemies. Or even a side scrolling platformer.

At the end of these digressions, based on concept art that bring to mind a Terraria-style Minecraft, Jez Corden concludes the article with a revelation: According to reliable sources from Mojang, more Minecraft will arrive. There should in fact be at least two entirely new Minecraft projects developed by Mojang, however, Corden has no idea what they are like.

It was therefore revealed to us a little beyond a small possibility, supported only by the reputation of those who make a voice. Waiting for other developments, we invite you to follow us on our website and take a look at the recent offers on the Instant Gaming store.

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