Monark release date revealed along with a new trailer

Svelata la data d'uscita di Monark insieme ad un nuovo trailer thumbnail

Recently the release date officer of Monarch through a new and unpublished trailer. The title will be available on February 25 2022 its PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch e PC. Below we present the trailer and further details.

Monark’s official release date

NIS America and FURYU Corporation announced the Monark’s official release date, the new JRPG coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. In this new title, will you be able to bravely face yourself and the threats around you to save those you love?

The Shin Mikado Academy was swallowed by one fog that leads to madness. Only you have the power to save everyone within it. Then enter theOtherworld, a dimension full of Demons beyond the real world. Learn to take advantage of yours Authority of Vanity and summon a battalion of Fiends, whose power derives from the Ego of their master.

Develop your Ego to break the pacts established by the Pactbearers and remove the corrupting fog.

Self-development and battles

The seven points of the axis of your desires will move according to yours parole e actions. Develop your desires to expand the range of attributes and the options of personalization of your Demons, demonic beings that belong to you.

Get ready to repel the enemy in a free-moving, turn-based battle system. Yours MAD Gauge increases each time you use the demonic power of your Authority. Victory depends not only on combat tactics, but also from strategy that you will decide to use.

The title will be available with Japanese and English dubbing and with subtitles in both languages. At the moment no details have been revealed regarding a possible dubbing in Italian. To conclude, i pre-order of the Limited Edition. For more information you can consult the official website.