Monster Hunter Rise: here is the date of the collaboration with the Sonic series

The date of the collaboration between Monster Hunter Rise and Sonic The Hedgehog has been announced. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Following the path it has taken since its release, Monster Hunter Rise continues to receive exciting updates, the latest of which is a collaboration with the Sonic The Hedgehog series. In the past few hours Capcom has in fact officially announced the release date of the new game elements related to the famous world of the blue hedgehog, thus continuing to keep the title alive, waiting for Sunbreak, the great expansion coming next year. Are you ready to go hunting again?

Monster Hunter and Sonic together, the collaboration arrives

Capcom’s famous hunting game, available for Nintendo Switch and also coming to PC, continues to experience thriving post-launch support. If in recent months we have seen the arrival of game elements dedicated to other famous videogame series, including Street Fighter, Okami and recently also Mega Man 11. Now Monster Hunter Rise is preparing for the arrival of a collaboration with Sonic The Hedgehog , announced as a surprise with a dedicated trailer in which we can admire all the innovations introduced.

The DLC will include some exclusive game elements, including a new dedicated armor, a Canyne skin inspired by Tails (Sonic’s supporting character) and a one-piece costume always dedicated to Sonic. The latter will give our Palico the features of the famous blue hedgehog, also giving it exclusive animations and effects truly faithful to the original character. The release date of the entire update is set for next November 26th.

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