Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Let’s see together, in this guide, the complete trophy list of Mortal Kombat X, the title recently added for the month of October to the Instant Game Collection of PlayStation Plus

The Mortal Kombat franchise has reached new and unimaginable heights with Chapter XI, which we talked about a lot in a dedicated review, which you can find by clicking here. The eternal and bloody struggle between the iconic fighters of the brand has fascinated many gamers for years and years, fascinated by terrible fatalities and fights to the death. Recently, in Sony’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, the Mortal Kombat X prequel was made available for free to all October subscribers. And what better way to brush up on the tenth chapter than platinating it?

Before starting

The complete Mortal Kombat X trophy list consists of 74 total statuettes, of which 67 in bronze (and of these, 13 belong to the DLC), 5 in silver, one in gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. In this case, let’s avoid telling you that you could run into spoilers, given the purely competitive and technical nature of the title. That said, let’s get started right away!

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

The first part of the bronze trophies | Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Let’s start the bronze trophies with the first half:

  • Koncorrente della Torre: Complete a single Tower.
  • Tower Warrior: Complete a Tower with every character.
  • Lord of the Tower: Complete 10 Living Towers.
  • Challenge accepted: Win a single Tower Challenge.
  • FRIEND!!!: Send a Tower Challenge to a friend.
  • Bound: Reach level 5 in any faction.
  • Turncoat: Become a member of each faction.
  • Timeout: Win a match by time out.
  • Keep it secret: Find a secret encounter in the Living Towers.
  • Statistical advantage: Guarda la Kombat Kard.
  • Make a career: Reach personal level 10 in XP.
  • A new beginning: Complete 50% of Story Mode.
  • A true leader: Complete 100% of Story Mode.
  • Interior strenght: Win 1 full online match.
  • Regular customer: Play 100 full online matches.
  • The new King– Win 5 full matches King of the Hill Klassico.
  • It’s good to be king– Win 1 full King of the Hill Klassic match.
  • Bring Respect: Award respect points in a King of the Hill match.
  • Respected warrior: Earn 1,000 respect points.
  • Terrifying encounter: Face a beast in the Krypt.
  • I’m number 1: Win 1 Tower Battle.
  • A kandidate: Complete 1 Tower Battle.
  • Hoax– Win 1 full match King of the Hill Survivor.
  • Massacre of fools: Achieve a streak of 10 complete wins in 1v1 Ranked Match.
  • Al dojo: Enter training mode.
  • Unstoppable: Play 200 full online matches.
  • This is how it is done: Complete the Tutorial.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

The second part of the bronze trophies | Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

We finish the bronze trophies with the second half:

  • Knockout: Perform a 10 hit kombo with each character.
  • FINISH HIM: Perform 1 Fatality in a match.
  • Fun as hell: Perform a Fatality in a match with each character.
  • Pure strength: Perform 100 Fatalities in matches.
  • Brutal conclusion: Perform 1 Brutality.
  • Dark future: Perform 50 Brutalities.
  • We need a doctor: X-ray each character.
  • Maestro– Win a single full match with each character variant.
  • Only a true teacher: Defeat an opponent with at least 90% health while you have 10% health or less.
  • Type complete: Use all variants of each character.
  • Excessive enthusiasm: Pour 1,000 pints of blood.
  • Advantage Blanche: Hit someone with the Old Lady level interaction.
  • Harakiri: Kill yourself with Kotal Kahn in 1 round and win the match.
  • Break it down: Choose a new background image.
  • I’m bored: Choose a new border.
  • Kangaroo: Skip 30 times in a match.
  • Trollali– Crouched 30 times during the Fatality sequence.
  • All the pieces: Choose a set with background, icon and border.
  • Luck is on your side: Play 7 full matches Test your luck.
  • The collector: Unlock 50 custom kombat modifiers.
  • Disco: Create a solar beam with Kotal Kahn and perform a posture change 5 times while in the beam.
  • Almighty: Complete a tower Test your strength.
  • Not dead yet: See all deaths in Test Your Strength.
  • Stay back: Play a Boss Invasion Battle.
  • INVASION: Complete an Invasion Tower.
  • You can’t stop it: Win a 1v1 Invasion match.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

The silver trophies | Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Let’s now pass to the silver figurines:

  • God of the Tower: Complete 50 Living Towers.
  • Champion of the faction: Reach level 50 in any faction.
  • Elder God: Reach Personal Level 65 in XP.
  • Road roller: Win 5 Tower Battles.
  • YOU MUST DIE: Deal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss Battles.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy | Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

We are moving towards the end with the single gold trophy:

  • Without flag: Reach level 50 in all factions.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Finally, let’s find out together the title of the Mortal Kombat X Platinum Trophy:

  • Platinum Trophy: Unlock all trophies.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Trophies related to DLC | Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Below are the thirteen bronze statuettes linked to the Mortal Kombat X DLCs:

  • The beginning of it all: Perform the Pit level Fatality with Leatherface in the Klassic Tower.
  • Il Kraken: Perform the Kovo level Fatality with Triborg in the Klassic Tower.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you survive: Perform a level Brutality with Alien in the Klassic Tower.
  • Hands down: Do not perform a kombo of more than 4 hits with Bo ‘Rai Cho and win a 1v1 online ranked match.
  • The end of the fox: Win the match with your opponent stepping on crow’s feet.
  • Dance all night– Change posture 10 times with a Kombat Pack 2 character in 1 Fatality sequence in an online match.
  • Back to the past: Perform a Classic Fatality in a Classic Skin.
  • TipsyPerform Bo ‘Rai Cho’s Drink special attack 10 times during a match in the Klassic Tower.
  • Let’s hug: Throw 5 Facehuggers during a match with Alien in the Klassic Tower.
  • The food processor: Perform attacks from Leatherface’s Berserker Stance and win a match in the Klassic Tower.
  • Robot domain– Win 5 full matches with each type of robot.
  • Until the finish: Complete the Klassic Tower with one of the characters from Kombat Pack 2.
  • Winning is my job: Jump over the opponent 5 times during the Fatality sequence and perform a Fatality.

Mortal Kombat X: the complete trophy list!

Good fun!

The more than long complete Mortal Kombat X trophy list ends here. Let us know what you think of the title below in the comments section. We will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!