Mother 4: the project of a group of fans

Among the more “particular” role-playing games that appeared on Famicom, and then on SNES, there is certainly Mother, translated in the West as EarthBound, which today could have reached number 4

That’s right, even in the case of a Mother 4, there is a group of fans behind this exceptional project as we have already seen for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Banjo – Kazooie. In short, why stop at the third chapter of the saga when imagination and hard work can generate another sequel to this sci-fi adventure? But let’s go ahead with some order!

Mother 4: what does Nintendo do?

The fans in question did not just create the game, after announcing it on their site, but also released a trailer of about four minutes on the YouTube channel dedicated to this game reminiscent of the fantastic it was 8 and 16 bits of historical consoles such as NES and SNES.

Three young men discover an unwanted guest deep in the woods and America is upset! It’s up to a provincial teenager named Aaron to tour the United States to face the aftermath of that fateful encounter and discover the story behind the “Rift Shells”, Ancient artifacts of incredible psychic power and of dubious origin. On his journey through Podunk’s suburbs and impossible dungeons, he will meet the overconfident mechanic Maggie, the reserved, but skilled Troy, the tough, but kind-hearted magician Trisme, along with many other loyal allies and extravagant enemies

Of course, the creators of the game have already been “questioned” about the possible reaction from Nintendo regarding their creation, it is not uncommon for the Big N to be annoyed from similar “experiments”, but they answered that way.

Mother 4 is a unofficial fan project and its developers have no relationship with Nintendo, HAL Laboratory, Shigesato Itoi or other affiliated parties. We are independent developers who work on the game in our spare time. Supporta Nintendo e Hobonichi if you can

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