Mother’s Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

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We are fast approaching Mother’s Day and in this article we offer you some interesting tech products to give away

The long-awaited is about to arrive Mother’s Day and anyone, in this period, is looking for the best gift to give to their own. The ideas are many, but often the time available does not help and, for this reason, I am here to try to give you some interesting ideas.

In fact, in this article you will find gift ideas tech which we believe to be an excellent starting point for a last-minute gift but not only. Virtually all the products you will find are available onlinethen also comfortably purchasable. Within the list, you will also find some that we have personally reviewed on, consequently you can learn more about the technical characteristics and the experience of use. Let’s not get lost in further talk and let’s get straight to the point.

Best gift ideas | Mother’s day 2022

Kobold VK7 S | Cleaning system

Let’s start with an evergreen, a cleaning system that in our view facilitates and helps every member of the family to keep the home or office clean. It is wireless and guarantees the same high standards of performance that have made the brand Elf synonymous with cleanliness and deep hygiene.

Mother's Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

The big news of the cleaning system Kobold VK7 S is the new technology without wire which offers the highest performance in its class. Kobold VK7 S is not only a powerful system but it is also very silent e smart.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro | Robot vacuum cleaner / floor cleaner

A super product that we believe to be one perfect gift idea for mothers who particularly care about cleaning the house it is definitely the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro. We invite you to read our complete review of this product.

Mother's Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

In this product instead of the collision belt we find an optical sensor capable of avoid obstacles like never before. Visual mapping, 3000 Pa suction power, carpet detection and 220 minutes runtime on a full charge. With Yeedi vac 2 Pro a oscillatory movement of the cloth that simulates the movement of a person making everything not only more natural but greatly increasing the yield.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 | Pulsed light epilator

A perfect gift idea to take care of our mothers is definitely a pulsed light epilator safer, faster and more efficient for visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks. It fits in a way automatic and constant at hue of the skin to ensure a equilibrium optimal between efficacy and safety.

It is equipped with various functions including an uninterrupted power supply as it does not require drums nor of charging. You connect the device and start your treatment safely. There are different intensities: normal, delicate ed extra-delicate according to the area of ​​use.

Kindle Paperwhite | Read books on the go

Lately they are becoming so fashionable and make it possible to enjoy a book at any time, even in the break of a long and tiring day. By now there are several on the market but we believe that this may be the right idea for our mothers. The Kindle Paperwhite is found at a price just over the 100€ and has one screen and 6,8″ with adjustable light tone.

10 weeks of battery life and the 20% faster when turning pages with respect to the generation previous. Designed for reading, with a 300 ppi anti-glare screen and thin edges to read like on printed paper even in direct sunlight. Among other things, by purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited getting 3 months of free subscription.

Proscenic T21 | Air fryer

Air fryers are becoming very popular and we consider them a great gift to give to mamma which, however, can be enjoyed by the whole family. There Proscenic T21 it’s a Fryer air reviewed on (click here for the direct link to the full review).

This is a 5.5 liters, with a shape similar to that of an egg which certainly makes it highly distinguishable. There are many main functions of this fryer: that of preheating for example ensures the right crunchiness some food; or the function that allows you to program the cooking and even of hold i foods in heat. A gift therefore definitely recommended and that will be appreciated not only by the mother.

Braun Face SPA Pro | Epilator, toner and cleanser

Braun FaceSpa Pro is the first device in the world 3 in 1 that epilates, cleanses and tones the skin. Gently removes hair at the root with the accessory epilatorfor a smooth skin that lasts a long time. This edition comes with a carrying case to hold the various heads and brushes of the device.

Mother's Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

The head MicroVibrante it acts together with the serum or cream for a toning effect on the skin, also the brush Braun Face Spa allows for a thorough and gentle cleansing routine in the shower. The device is also equipped with a timer which after 20 seconds makes a LED flash when it is time to to change area.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro | Auricolari bluetooth

The panorama of the earphones as we know is vast, however there are products that we believe to be gods cornerstones from the category. Surely among these we cannot fail to mention the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro in Anker.

Mother's Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

Enormous depth and detail reproduced on the widest sonic range, listening will be infinitely close to what the artist and theengineer of the sound they imagined. Function of HearID through which a hearing and ear analysis is performed that intelligently creates the ideal sound profile for sublime sound. Attention also paid to the microphone compartment, in fact thanks to the 4 microphones with noise reduction cVc 8.0the voice comes isolated and extremely transmitted sharp for a perfect experience hands-free call.

Oppo Band Style | Smart band

There are hundreds of them on the market now, but the well-known Oppo brand is certainly the one that has come closest to a mature, economical and efficient product. Oppo Band Style is a smartwatch (more precisely a smart band) with display AMOLED 1.1 ″ color. Waterproof up to 50 meters and equipped with several sensors.

12 training modes OPPO band is able to follow us in all of our activitiesfrom the walk allo yoga without forgetting swimming. The exclusive fat-burning run mode can become our personal trainer to keep us fit. This product can monitor our heart activity at rest or while exercising, moreover, while you sleep, the rate of oxygen saturation in the blood is measured to get more information about your health.

e-Bike Nilox J1 | Electric bicycle

A gift for sure costlybut that I have no doubts will surely modify in better the life of our mothers. For those looking for a means compact, safe, comfortable and with zero environmental impact. Nilox J1 there is a folding frame and a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Mother's Day 2022: the best tech gift ideas

Led front lights, brake brakes for safe braking and excellent road holding. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge its 36 V – 6 Ah battery. It weighs around 20 kilograms, and has aautonomy of well 25 km. Not to mention the style: a mix between classico e modern which will surely please our mothers.

Anker PowerCore Essential | The king of power banks

Let’s go back to a product with a much more affordable price on Mother’s Day, and let’s talk about the undisputed king of power banks. Obviously we can only talk about Anker, and more particularly the PowerCore Essential.

The capacity of 20000mAh offers more than 5 refills for iPhone XS and more than 4 refills for iPhone 11. Instead the combination of exclusive technologies PowerIQ e VoltageBoost from Anker offer optimized charging, while the compensation charging mode is the best way to charge accessories at low power. Furthermore the Double USB port of the powerbank allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

Echo Show 5 | Ideal for the home

Definitely one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day. This model in particular features one screen intelligent con Alexa and 2 MegaPixel camera in Anthracite color.

Thanks to the 2 MP camera you can call friends and family members who own a device Echo equipped with a screen or the Alexa App, or make an Announcement to the other devices in the house. You can enjoy movies and series TV and Prime Video, Netflix and other services, or ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, Apple Music o Spotify. Among other functions obviously also the one that allows you to manage the famous “smart home” and to set it up sveglie, hours, calendars etc.

Final conclusions

We conclude this guide in the hope of having put some in your head gift idea for Mother’s Day that can make her happy. We remind you that, for the available products, we have included the link of the complete review. Let us know with a comment below if you have other gift ideas in mind or if you will choose one of these products. Until next time

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