MSI Immerse GV60 review: the perfect microphone for those who are not just streamers

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With the advent, in recent years, of direct on Twitch e YouTube and the disproportionate increase in video calls in smart working, owning a microphone from quality it has almost become a must. If before we were satisfied with a pair of traditional earphones, now users are looking for professional microphones, capable of capturing even the nuances of the voice. Currently on the market there are proposals for every price range and MSIone of the leading companies in the gaming industry, recently launched its new – and first – MSI Immerse GV60 microphonea product with a very competitive price for the audio quality it offers: here is the our review.

MSI Immerse GV60 review: the design

L’Immerse GV60 it is the first microphone from MSI, which with this product has decided to enter the sector with a straight leg. Starting from his designthe peripheral really is elegantwith a matte black finish which gives a premium and at the same time minimal touch. The feeling of quality is also given by the not indifferent weight of this microphone, 1.5kg, also given by the really heavy metal base, which ensures this GV60 is really stable when placed on the table. Alternatively it is possible remove the stand and fix the microphone to the classic stand, much more convenient to place the product at the right height. It should be borne in mind, however, that in addition to the auction, you will have to buy an adapter to mount the microphone, as it is not present in the package. When you want to use the rod, you can remove the massive metal base by simply unscrewing the two side screws.

The minimal design is then completed by the aluminum grille, through which sounds are detected, which can be covered with the pop filter present in the package. On the front, moreover, we find a button that allows you to quickly change the microphone – very convenient – and an LED that shows the status of the device (for example red if changed). Then there are the three knobs: one for the mode adjustment and two for headphone and microphone volume. Under the microphone, in addition to the thread for the rod, we find the 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port for connecting the peripheral to the PC. The supplied cable is USB-C to USB-A and is 3 meters long.

GV60 microphone from MSI: the technical characteristics and how it behaves

MSI Immerse GV60 Microphone ReviewPhoto credits: MSI.

According to the company, this Immerse GV60 is capable of sampling audio with above average quality. Many microphones such as the Blue Yeti, in fact, use a sampling frequency of 16 bit / 44.1 kHz, while according to the data sheet the GV60 uses a studio frequency, of 24 bit/96 kHz. This, consequently, allows you to capture clearer audio compared to other microphones of competing companies, and is one of the strengths of this product.

The pickup arrangements

The MSI Immerse GV60 is very versatile thanks to 4 different pickup models that allow you to capture the voice or sounds in different situations, from podcasts to interviews; streaming, singing and even recording of musical instruments. One of the ways is that stereowhich uses i left and right channels microphone to pick up noises and produce realistic sound. It is ideal for capturing vocal tracks, instruments, ensemble choirs where channels need to be split.

Microphone_Immerse_GV60Photo credits: MSI.

We then find the modality omnidirectionalthat captures sounds from all directions. So it is ideal if you want to record sounds from space a 360 degrees, including ambient noises. The third way is that cardioidethat records sounds coming from the front of the microphone, rejecting ambient background sounds. It is therefore ideal for recording single-voice podcasts, singing sessions, musical instruments and live streaming or video calls. Finally, the last way is that bidirectional which records the sources coming from the front and back Microphone: Perfect for podcasts or two-person interviews.

Each of these modes, depending on the situation, works really well. There quality of the captured audio is highwith sounds sharp and clear. Everything, then, is facilitated by the front positioning of the knobs that regulate the settings and by the headphone jack that allows real-time monitoring of the voice – or the sounds – recorded. The headphones also allow you to hear at the same time the sounds coming from PC applications, such as a backing track or the audio of a game while making a live on Twitch.

MSI Immerse GV60 review: buy it or not?

We had the opportunity to try this MSI microphone in all four modes, both for making business video calls, calls on Discord during gaming sessions and even recording some singing and acoustic guitar clips. As anticipated, the sound quality is really high and the sampling at 24 bit/96 kHz it is noted, especially outside the streaming platforms that instead recommend 48 kHz. The purchase is even more worthwhile considering the very competitive price, 110 eurothat makes this MSI Immerse GV60 a great choiceespecially if you are not only a streamer but also a creative one.


  • Solid base
  • Crisp recording quality
  • 4 pickup modes
  • Plug and play

MSI Immerse GV60 review


  • There is no pole adapter
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