MSI’s new notebook line-up arrives in Italy

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MSIthe innovative maker of gaming, creator and business notebooks, announces availability in Italia of its new line-up of notebooks. It includes several gaming laptops and several productivity models.

MSI’s nootebooks arrive in Italy. Here are the technical characteristics

The new MSI notebooks are equipped with the latest GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX serie 40 and highly efficient architecture NVIDIA Ada Lovelace. This represents a huge leap in performance and AI-powered graphics. THE notebook per il gaming from MSI are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Among these we find the Discrete Graphics Mode, the new MSI center, webcam and shutter and much more, making them the state of the art in their respective categories.

MSI Titan GT77 HX, ideal for those who want the most from a notebook

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New spearhead of the gaming line And MSI Titan GT77 HX. It represents pure power and is ideal for those who want the best from all points of view. Available in Italy in two different configurations, one with NVIDIA GeForce RTX4080 with 12GB Ram and one with RTX4090 and 16GB RamTitan GT77HX is equipped with the latest Intel Core i9-13980HX (Raptor Lake) processors.

It is able to ensure performance at the highest levels. With Intel ABT technology (Adaptive Boost Technology), which improves performance by allowing for higher multi-core turbo frequencies. AND Intel TVB (Thermal Velocity Boost), which allows you to increase the clock frequency up to 100 MHz.

This new MSI jewel is also equipped with display MiniLED 17.3” UHD+ a 144Hz HDR1000, ultra-thin chassis and Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical keyboard. Therefore equipped with a gold cross-point contact system for maximum striking precision.

It then has Mystic Light Bar to ensure more immersive gaming experiences, Cooler Boost Titanan advanced cooling system with 4 fans and 8 heat pipes and finally, LAN integrata Killer DoubleShot Pro X3 with high bandwidth and low latency. The MSI Titan GT77HX series notebooks will be available in Italy from the end of February with prices starting at 5,499 euros.

MSI Raider GE78HX and GE68HX series laptops redefine immersion

Equip yourself with processors 13th generation Intel Core HX up to i9-13980HX and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs from RTX 4060 up to 4080 series laptops MSI Raider GE78HX e GE68HX redefine the concept of immersion.

Thanks to uncompromising performance, they are also an excellent solution for enthusiasts e-sports. This series is equipped with a 17” or 16” 16:10 display with QHD+ or UHD resolution.

They have the exclusivity Matrix RGB light barwhich marks a real turning point in RGB lighting and with 16.8 million colors offers gamers the highest levels of customization, creating a suggestive gaming atmosphere based on their preferences.

Prices and availability

The Raider GE78HX series laptops will be on sale from the end of February with prices starting from 3.499 eurowhile the models of the Raider GE68HX series will be available from March with prices starting from 2.999 euro.

The power of Stealth Studio laptops

MSI NB Stealth16 Pure White

Available with displays from 14, 16 e 17,3 inch IPS level, with UHD+ or QHD+ resolution, the laptops in the family Stealth Studio they are ultralight, powerful and characterized by refined color tones. Like, for example, the elegant Star Blue or Pure White of the Stealth 16 Studio, which make them perfect not only as notebooks to play to the fullest, but also in the professional field.

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Inside the compact magnesium and aluminum alloy chassis hide processors 13th Gen Intel Core up to i9 13900H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 to 4080 GPUDynaudio surround sound system with 2 speakers and 4 woofers, Cooler Boost 5 cooling system, larger touchpads and SteelSeries Per-Key RGB keyboards.

Prices and availability

With prices starting from 2.599 euro, Stealth Studio notebooks will arrive in our country in March. The model will also be available in Italy in the next few days Stealth 15 with Raptor Lake i7-13620H CPU and RTX 4050 GPU with street price of 2.199 euro.

The perfect notebooks for business and productivity

Moving on, however, to notebooks for the business and productivity, starting from the end of February it will be possible to purchase two new models of the Summit line. In particular, Summit E13Flip Evobased on the Intel Evo platform and with a 13.4” FHD display, e Summit E16Flip with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics and 16” 16:10 QHD+ display.

Both equipped with 13th generation Intel Core i7-1360P CPUs, they represent the optimal solutions for those seeking aesthetic perfection and maximum flexibility, thanks to the ability to transform from notebook to tablet in seconds.

Price and availability

Expected by the end of February, Summit E13Flip Evo it will be on sale for 1,899 euros, while the Summit E16Flip will arrive in March and can be purchased for 2,599 euros.

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