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Pokémon: Revealed some new characters

Ash’s adventure has come to an end, but the world of Pokémon is ready to give us other emotions, thanks to new characters. Let’s find out

After more than twenty years of adventures, one of the most iconic characters, who has accompanied the childhood of many of us, is about to say goodbye. Through a journey that began in Japan in 1997, Ash Ketchum managed, step by step, to conquer his dream: become the strongest Pokémon trainer in the world. Rest assured, his victory does not mean having to say goodbye to the magical world created by Satoshi Tajiri, because new protagonists are in fact ready to go on an adventure.

Pokémon: the new characters

In the last months The Pokémon Company group he had already introduced some of the new protagonists. It’s about Liko e Roy (the name is taken from the Japanese version), accompanied by the trusted ones Sprigatito, Fuecoco e Quaxly, their fellow adventurers. Characters already featured in the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games.

Now, two more have been added to these. It’s about peace and his partner, Captain Pikachu, whose first images have already been disclosed. From the advances that have come down to us we know that Friede is a Pokémon Professor who will join Liko and Roy, coming respectively from the Paldea and Kanto regions. The group will set off to discover the magical world of Pokémon, to discover the mysteries surrounding Liko’s pendant and Roy’s Poké Ball.

Pokémon: Revealed some new characters

Taito OkiuraVice President of Marketing of The Pokémon Company International commented on the news:

The world of Pokémon continues to grow and evolve. This year, with the debut of the new animated series, fans will be able to embark on a new journey of action, adventure and friendship through the eyes of unique characters such as Friede and Captain Pikachu. For 27 years, Pikachu has been synonymous with the Pokémon franchise. We are thrilled that this beloved Pokémon continues to have a strong presence in the animated series and remains an icon for the brand.

Waiting for other news, we remind you that the brand new episodes will be aired already in 2023.

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