My Hero Academia 296, an important death | Jump Highlights

My Hero Academia 296, an important death |  Jump Highlights

The new year for My Hero Academia begins with mourning over the deaths of several heroes, including a prominent UA High School professor

After the holiday break, Weekly Shonen Jump returns with a double issue full of special content. One Piece in fact it takes the stage with chapter 1000, and the second part of the giant poster created specifically to celebrate this exceptional milestone. Today you can find the magazine for free on MangaPlus.

But also My Hero Academia, the title closest to Oda’s manga in terms of popularity, especially online, has unveiled a noteworthy chapter. In fact the 296 summarizes the battle, now over, against the League of villains, a pyrrhic victory for the heroes.

In fact, there are many fallen, including the heroine and professor Midnight. She passed away trying to buy time for her pupils so that they could put in place the plan to stop Gigantomachy.

Although the police have managed to arrest more than ten thousand members of the Liberation Front, as well as the two villains Gigantomachia and Mister Compress, Shigaraki managed to escape. But, above all, the revelations of Dabi they are already having the effect intended by the latter: undermining society’s trust in heroes, especially Endeavor.

The heroes themselves seem to be wavering in the face of the mass of destruction wrought across the country by Gigantomachy. This is something unprecedented in the modern world.

My Hero Academia 296, an important death |  Jump Highlights

Not only My Hero Academia: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

In addition to the splendid chapter 1000 of One Piece and the moving My Hero Academia, this first issue of the new year has many other emotions to offer.

In Black Clover the battle against the usurpers of the Kingdom of Swords comes to life, and after the performance of Yuno of the last chapter is the turn of Charlotte Roselei to shine. Her magic – which is actually a curse – has in fact increased in power, to the point of putting her opponent, Vanica in serious trouble.

Continue instead the Shibuya incident in Jujutsu Kaisen, with the arrival of the mysterious Suguru Geto, or rather who controls his body. The exorcists of the Kyoto school, fortunately, they intervene.

In the new issue of Shonen Jump there are also two extra chapters that are two real pearls: the second part of the One Piece story created by the authors of Food Wars, and an unprecedented, unusual one one-shot di The Promised Neverland. Follow us because we will talk about it shortly!