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My Name is Vengeance: Netflix’s new revenge thriller

A new arrival on Netflix, here is the film “My name is revenge”, starring Alessandro Gassmann

Out on November 30, Netflix has given a new Italian film, entitled “My name is revenge”, a genere revenge thriller, the protagonist is Alessandro Gassmann, who plays the role of a now “retired hit man” in the service of the mafia, took refuge in silence to hide his past.

Let’s find out more in detail plot and the protagonists of the film.

My Name is Vengeance: Plot

The main character is Santoa man who moved from Calabria (region of origin) to Bolzano, to live in silence and peace, together with his daughter Sofia and his wife Ingrid. He has hidden a fundamental part of his past, which has “forced” him to change his life, so much so that he never wants to discover himself in public. One day, however, his daughter snaps – secretly – one photography and the post on social mediamaking it recognizable, not being able to imagine what would have happened.

This photo helps a gang of the ‘Ndrangheta – who had been looking for him for about 10 years – to get news about him and to frustrate everything that Santo had tried to hide. The lobby, interested in knowing its exact location, hires a computer expert. She traces his whereabouts and is thus ready to take revenge, leading to a bitter revenge. He, in turn, will fight to defend himself and his family, in the hope of yesfix his past forever.

The cast of the movie

We now move on to cast, which features notable names. In the lead role is the already mentioned Alessandro Gassmann, who plays Santo, ready to fight for his family. To interpret the daughter Sofia there is the very young Geneva Francesconito close the “family circle” is Ingrid, well played by Sinja Dieks. We can then mention Remo Girone, Alessio Praticò and Mauro Lamanna.

The Italian film saw as a director Cosimo Gomez, while the screenplay was shared with Sandrone Dazieri and Andrea Nobile. On assembly instead Alessio Doglione, photography by Vittorio Omodei Zorini. To take care of the music Marta Lucchesini and Giorgio Giampà.

Produced by Colorado Film, the film has a running time of approx 90 minutes, it is a thriller / detective story that offers action and suspense scenes. It is – at the same time – familiar, also within the reach of young spectators. A film distributed by Netflix and which still received a moderate success.

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