MyConcorde-Autochiavari, the app now powered by Air devices

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Concorde-Autochiavari e Air-Connected Mobility join forces to provide an enhanced app to motorists in Genoa and its province: the new version of MyConcorde-Autochiavari, powered by Air. This way you can receive maintenance reminders and personalized assistance in the event of theft, and much more. More safety and convenience for customers.

MyConcorde-Autochiavari, the app now powered by Air Connected Mobility

The MyConcorde-Autochiavari app was created to provide an assistance service that is lasting and keeps the relationship with the customer alive, even after the sale of the vehicle. The app for the customer also offers a notification service that allows you to know in advance when the service expires and when to do the overhaul, with the possibility of booking maintenance in the workshop. The section Garage it also offers a processing history, so that you can always know the details and costs.

Thanks to Air devices, reminders arrive in a timely and precise manner, based on the actual kilometers traveled. An easy way to take care of your car. The Air’s GPS device can work best with the MyConcorde-Autochiavari app, providing services such as:

  • Processing history and detail
  • Direct booking of maintenance interventions
  • Memorandum for deadlines relating to the vehicle (service, inspection)
  • GPS satellite anti-theft device
  • Vehicle health report
  • Real-time localization of the vehicle
  • Report of all the routes taken
  • Notifications in case of anomalies
  • Driving styles analysis
  • Operational Center h24
  • Direct contact with a Personal Assistant

A collaboration that helps customers

Carmine Perna, Project Manager, Air-Connected Mobility, comments: “Air was born from the union of technology and the automotive world. We have engines in our blood and the driver remains a point of reference for us. Improving the driving experience by making it safer, more efficient and more enjoyable is our key goal. With this partnership we take the field to demonstrate what the contribution of technology can be to everyday mobility “.

While Paolo Pollio, Service Manager, Concorde-Autochiavari underlines: “The more than ten thousand MyConcorde users already active in the province confirm that this level of service, which combines the digital experience with the personalized assistance of the consultant in the workshop, is the future of the relationship with the automotive customer. Thanks to this technological partnership, we aim to respond to the evolving needs of our customers today, but also tomorrow, with new features and services “.