Naruto vs Pain Elite Fandom Statue: here are the official images

Figurama Collectors has officially released the images of the official prototype of the Naruto vs Pain Elite Fandom Statue

To celebrate the upcoming opening of pre-orders, Figures showed for the first time the physical prototype of the statua “Naruto vs Pain”, complete with all the intricate details and intricate paintwork! Although some renderings have already been shown for some time, the prototype revealed in the images that you will find below, will give you a taste of the painting!

Naruto vs Pain Elite Fandom Statue by Figurama: here are the official images!

The statue will enjoy many details, including:

  • Interchangeable faces for both Naruto (Sage Mode and classic) che per Pain (calm and angry expression).
  • There are toads Fukasaku e Shima as well as with the Katsuyu summoning.
  • As a tribute, theofficer illustration in digital format for desktop and mobile, designed by Naruto licensees, a real collector’s item for any fan.

We remind you that i pre-orders will open on Sunday 31 October at 16:00 Italian time. To be notified and not miss the opportunity to make this statue your own, we invite you to join the waiting list, by clicking here!

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