Naruto vs Pain: exclusive discount code to buy the statue!

Figurama Collectors has officially opened pre-orders of the new Naruto vs Pain Elite Fandom Statue, providing us with an exclusive code

Pre-orders are officially open to purchase the first Figurama Collectors statue from the world of Naruto Shippuden. With only 1500 pieces available worldwide, the resin statue depicts the clash between Naruto and Pain, in 1: 6 scale and will enjoy a height of 69cm, by 64cm in width and 46cm in depth.

Naruto vs Pain: here is the exclusive discount code to buy the statue!

The statue will be sold out in the blink of an eye, however you can make it yours for a discount of -25,00$ applying the coupon “TTNvPEFS” in the cart. We advise you to access the following page in order to be directed directly to the product purchase page!

Naruto’s statue against Pain Elite Fandom brings to life one of the most anticipated clashes in the anime’s long history. With interchangeable busts, Naruto can switch from his Sage Mode outfit to Konoha’s iconic ninja gear, while Pain’s two faces provide a wide range of emotional expression.

Frozen in time, Naruto targets Pain with his Rasengan technique. Katsuyu is on his shoulder, while the toads Fukasaku and Shima assist him from both sides. Under his flowing cloak, Fukasaku’s back reveals the secret code engraved by Jiraya to help Naruto defeat Pain. Countering Naruto, Pain performs his formidable Almighty Push technique, shifting his focus from destroying the village to capturing the Nine Tails. Hidden among the debris is Kusagakure’s forsaken protector of the Preta Path, who has been transformed. into a toad and destroyed by Naruto. The artistic cloud of dust that swirls around the base recalls the iconic symbol of the Akatsuki red cloud.

Figurama Collectors is proud to release Naruto vs Pain Elite Fandom Statue, limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. Each 1/6 scale collector’s item includes an exclusive art print and a certificate of authenticity signed by Figurama Collectors CEO: Mr. Shanab, Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin and 3D Artist: Carlos Cruz.

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