Narwhal: 27% of motorcyclists will use the mask even after the pandemic

Narvalo: il 27% dei motociclisti userà la mascherina anche post-pandemia thumbnail

An investigation by the Italian startup Narval, creator of the FFP3 Narvalo Mask, together with Wheelz Magazine during Wildays, one of the most important European events dedicated to the world of two and four wheels held in Salsomaggiore Terme, confirms that many motorcyclists will continue to use the mask even after the pandemic. The goal is to protect yourself from dust and pollen.

The mask used in motorcycles even post-pandemic according to Narwhal

According to the survey results, 27% of motorcyclists are ready to continue using the mask even after the pandemic. Thanks to the mask you can protect yourself from dust and pollen even during off-road trips. By resorting to solutions such as the Narvalo Urban Mask, in fact, it is possible to maximize protection.

75% of the motorcyclists surveyed underline the importance of protecting their breath on the bike. 37% admit to evaluating the use of the mask to protect themselves from smog in the city. 44% aim to protect themselves against dust and pollen. According to the company, therefore, the Narvalo Urban Mask become an essential accessory for all outdoor motorcyclists.

The masks have a filtration level of over 99% of smog, bacteria, pollen and viruses and are equipped with an exhalation valve to maximize air flow. To complete the system there is Active Shield, an IoT device that tracks the respiratory rate by optimizing the air flow inside the mask.

The company comment

Venanzio Arquilla and Ewoud Westerduin, founders of Narvalo, underline: “The test drives have shown on the field how a performing mask like Narwhal can be an indispensable accessory for all outdoor motorcyclists who want to protect themselves from pollutants, dust and pollen during their sporting adventures, especially on dusty off-road routes. . Just like the helmet and the back and chest protectors, the mask can thus become an important protective device “

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