NASCAR: Joey Gase throws his bumper at Cram's car

The world is beautiful because it is diverse, right? Well, precisely because it is varied, some measures are taken differently depending on where we are. This is what happened during the Easter weekend in NASCAR's second series, where Joey Gase threw his bumper against his colleague's car

Unlike what happens in the world of Formula 1, where things are usually resolved civilly, as in the case of Christian Horner for which the FIA ​​also received a complaint, things are different in other situations. A clear example? Just think about theautosport americano, where pilots often resolve their disputes personally, with fists or by throwing objects at colleagues. This is the world of NASCAR, where the driver Joey Gase this time he really outdid himself and all his other colleagues. If it is true that we see drivers start fights or throw their helmets at other challengers' cars, this time Gase has set a new record.

Nascar: Joey Gase lashes out at Dawson Cram

As you might expect from a sport as extreme and dangerous as car racing on the track, accidents often happen. Obviously the pilots are well protected and the risks decrease, but they don't always take it philosophically. During the race, in fact, Dawson Cram unintentionally caused Joey Gase to crash and devastated his Chevrolet. Things that can happen, right? It's a shame that Gase didn't take it very well and took some “measures” that will remain in history. Right on the spot where the accident occurred, Gase tore off the bumper of his car and threw it at his colleague's, in pure American vengeful style. The two drivers then spoke for a few minutes at the end of the race to clarify. NASCAR took no action against Gasealthough they still intend to speak to the pilot about the incident to assess possible sanctions.

America, always such a magical and wild place! What do you think? Will Gase receive sanctions or will NASCAR continue as if nothing happened? Tell us your opinion in the comments and continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of motorsport and much more.