Naughty Dog: working on a new Uncharted?

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A few years have passed since the publication of the last Uncharted, but not Naughty Dog’s love for this saga

Today we are five years after the publication of The Lost Legacy and six years since The End of a Thief and this is due to the fact that Naughty Dog has had its work cut outsee The Last of Us Part II, but it looks like the “cagnacci” want to get back into action and continue the adventures of Nathan Drake. So let’s go and understand the matter a little better!

Naughty Dog: Staffing for Uncharted

Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty (with a part of the surname that already remembers the good Nathan) of Naughty Dog, in fact, stated on LinkedIn how she was assumed in the guise of recruiter to find new staff to employ in the development of an upcoming Uncharted chapter.

This is therefore more than good news, especially if you add up to the statements made last summer by the co-president of the company, Evan Wellswho talked about the love the team has for this saga and how “Wants to see more”.

Naughty Dog: working on a new Uncharted?

It should also be remembered that another title for the adventures of Nathan Drake had already entered the development phase, at the YOU Bend Studio just after the release of Days Gone, with the “cagnacci” supervising the project, but in the end nothing. At the beginning of 2022 it was then the turn of a Collection for PS5 which, in theory in July, should land on PC, but for the moment nothing is sure yet.

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