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Navee: V40 Pro and V50 are now available in Italy

Navee V40 Pro and V50 are now available in Italy. The Navee brand, OEM and pioneer in the electric mobility sector, presents two new models on the Italian market, namely the V40 Pro and V50

With the intensification of traffic recorded in recent years, moving around the big Italian cities is becoming increasingly complicated. For this reason, many commuters (and others) choose alternative means of transport to the car, such as the electric scooter. In this way, short stretches of road can be covered quickly, thus saving precious time.

Electric scooters are comfortable, practical and non-polluting: the best choice for those who want to get around the city easily. From today Navee, OEM and pioneer in the electric mobility sector, makes the new V40 pro and V50 models available in Italy; both designed in compliance with local regulations. This is thanks to the addition of turn signals, double brakes and a speed limit setting of 20km/h.

The latest measures taken by the government in the field of road safety see the introduction of the compulsory wearing of a helmet, insurance and license plate. Navee has provided a space reserved for the scooter license plate for the V series. The two models therefore combine cutting-edge technology, unparalleled safety measures and high-level comfort, positioning themselves on the market as an excellent product.

Navee: V40 Pro and V50 are now available in Italy

Navee V40 Pro and V50: V40 for green students

V40 Pro is the new innovative electric scooter that stands out for its outstanding features. With a maximum travelable distance of 40km and a maximum power of 600W, the V40 Pro stands for stability and safety; thanks to a larger handlebar and back plate.

The latter is also guaranteed by the presence of the integrated Airtag slot, with which it is possible to monitor the position of your scooter at any time. Furthermore, the 10-inch tires guarantee greater shock absorption and better adherence to the asphalt, ensuring smooth and safe driving, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption.

Indeed, the V40 Pro integrates the innovative TireTech Eco-Boost technology which increases vehicle range by 15% without compromising battery capacity; thus offering an efficient and ecological transport solution.

Navee: V40 Pro and V50 are now available in Italy

Navee V50: for sustainable commuting in the city

V50 is the new model ready to land on the Italian market. With a weight of 17kg and a maximum power of 650W, the scooter is able to cover a maximum distance of 50km. Also in this model, the TireTech Eco-Boost technology causes the vehicle’s range to increase by 20% while maintaining the battery capacity unchanged.

Plus, every time you brake or decelerate, you create more reusable energy. The V50 is also characterized by maximum stability and safety; thanks to the larger handlebars and backplate and 10-inch tires, and has integrated the Airtag slot to always have the vehicle’s position under control. Navee V50 will be the perfect ally for getting around city traffic in a green way.

Both models are characterized by a double rotation folding design that reduces the volume of the scooter by 15%; making it even more practical and easy to store in any domestic space and beyond.

Pricing and availability of the new Navee V40 and V50

Navee V40 Pro is available at a suggested retail price of €529.00, while the V50 model is priced at €599.00. Furthermore, from 12 to 19 July, the two models will be launched exclusively by Eprice at the promotional price of €399.00 for the V40 Pro and €469.00 for the V50. For a limited quantity, with transport costs included.

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