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Osotek Horizon h200 review: exceptional vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner?

In this article we will see the review of the Osotek Horizon h200 a vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner and floor washer to be discovered!

AND the time has come to talk about an object that could change the perception of housekeeping done through a cordless vacuum cleaner. This product will be able to comply with all promise let us and to guarantee one thorough and effective cleaning? Let’s find out together in the review of Osotek Horizon h200.

Osotek Horizon h200 review: exceptional vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner?

Packaging e design | Recensione Osotek Horizon h200

Inside the package, there is certainly no shortage of accessories.

In fact, in addition to our Horizon h200 (which only requires a simple joint to fix the handle), we will find the charging basei due tanks (for dirty water and clean water), the roller brushil battery chargera drumsand bottle of specific detergentone bottle brush for cleaning tanks and the Instruction Manual.

The display is pleasant and it is not touch type. This choice was probably made to maintain a higher price accessible.

However, to switch between different modes, it will be enough press the dedicated button located on the handle. To start the automatic cleaning and thedryinginstead, it will be necessary to issue the command once after placing our H200 in the base.

Usage and Performance | Osotek Horizon h200 review

We used this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and now we are ready to give ours judgment.

To give a full opinion we tried this vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces e you floor tiles different by deliberately dirtying (and sometimes not doing it on purpose) ours walkable surfaces.

We talk about autonomy.

The power is of 200 Watt and the autonomy declared by the house is approx 35 minutessince it is more or less shared by our tests but be careful: only valid if you use the h200 in its less energy intensive mode.

The focal point is that with the mode that has the lowest consumption and consequently a longer duration, cleaning is obviously much less intense.

In most cases, a promiscuous use of the modalities will have to be resorted to. In doing so, the duration of the charge will be between i 25 and 30 minutes.

Enough playing time to clean approx two rooms with a total footage of 45-50 square meters.

Our advice is to consider buying one second battery which can be charged through the parking base while the main battery is recharged through the vacuum cleaner body itself.

Obviously, if you have a more modest-sized house or if you have less intense cleaning, the situation changes radically.

Daily tests and uses

The Osotek h200 offers a number of innovative features that make home cleaning an efficient and comfortable experience.

His 180° flexible rotation allows you to easily reach even the most difficult corners. There brush head it is effectively designed to clean the edges on both sides, ensuring thorough cleaning.

The front LED lights they are a useful addition for locating hidden dust under furniture, ensuring thorough cleaning. A large brush roll offers superior cleaning performance, improving the overall effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner.

Il display LED and the voice message function provide clear and useful information during use.

Con 3 different cleaning modes, you can customize the suction and the amount of water according to your specific needs. Also, the function of automatic brush cleaning simplifies the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. And thanks to regulation of suction intensity and the amount of water, it is possible to adapt the performance to the different surfaces.

The charging time up to 4 ore ensures that the Osotek h200 is always ready for cleaning challenges.

Osotek Horizon h200 review: exceptional vacuum cleaner and floor washer?

Who should buy the Horizon h200?

The Horizon h200 is an ideal option for anyone looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner versatile ed efficient.

It is particularly suitable for those who want to simplify household cleaning without having to manage wires and cables. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for people with different cleaning needs thanks to its customizable cleaning modes and the regulation of suction intensity.

Also, with his 180° flexible rotationthe effective brush head for edges not front LED lightsit’s perfect for reaching hard-to-clean corners and locating hidden dust under furniture.

Anyone who wants a complete, comfortable and effortless cleaning experience will find a reliable ally in the Horizon h200.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaners and scrubbersto those who want to do all the household cleaning with a single object but without expecting deep cleaning.

If used daily it could be for you even for all those situations unforeseen where some liquid is spilled on the floor.

Plus points

  • Versatility: it can vacuum liquids and acts as a floor washer
  • Practicality: being cordless, it offers greater freedom of movement during cleaning
  • Additional features: regulation of suction intensity and amount of water

Points against

  • Surface Cleaning: May not provide deep cleaning on all surfaces or stubborn stains
  • Limited autonomy: the autonomy of about 35 minutes may be insufficient for longer cleaning sessions or for large areas
  • Charging Time: Charging time up to 4 hours could be considered long
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