Recensione Neakasa P1 Pro: il kit per la toelettatura definitivo?

Neakasa P1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Grooming Kit?

In this review we will get to know Neakasa’s P1 Pro pet grooming kit and see how it performed in our test

Having a four-legged friend brings one into the house breath of unparalleled happiness. However, having a dog or a cat in your home, although it has many beneficial effects, means take care of them in every respect possible. This means playing with your pets, feeding and drinking them, taking them out for a walk and even taking care of their grooming.

For the latter procedure, however, there is a tendency to buy a myriad of products, from simple hair brushes, to those for the undercoat, passing through electric razors and so on. Buy all these items can be costlybut the main problem then lies in the clean everything left on the ground after a good brushing.

With the akasa has thought of all these problems by designing a kit with all the essential items for pet grooming; this is additionally also equipped with vacuum aspiration for effective collection of all newly collected hairs, but will it really be as useful as described by the company? Let’s start this review regarding the P1 Pro by Neakasa and let’s find out together.

Neakasa P1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Grooming Kit?

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 290 x 132 x 210 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Power: 300 W
  • Suction power: 95 W
  • Maximum noise: 75 dBA
  • Tank capacity: 1 L
  • Length of suction pipe: 1,3 m
  • Accessories: fur brush, undercoat brush, electric shaver, cleaning brush, spout head, 5 clipper combs in various sizes

Neakasa P1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Grooming Kit?

Packaging and Design – Neakasa P1 Pro Review

The kit will arrive in a package that tries to wink at the environment, at least to the extent strictly necessary designed by the company. There will be no plastic wrappers, but they are really reduced to the bone and are mostly used to keep the various accessories clean and safe. The latter will be positioned and sorted in the appropriate compartments of the carton which will limit accidental bumps due during transport. It all comes with a simple and delicate design.

The main body as well as the suction device is designed to be easily transported thanks to the special handle. The only two buttons on the latter are the power one and the one for set the suction power. In the middle there are the two LEDs that will signal which speed we have active at the time of use.

The tube on which we will place all the various accessories is very flexible and long enough to allow us a good leeway. However the latter it is not removable; this can turn into a problem when we are going to store the suction device since the hose it will tend to bend excessively at the mouthpiece and in the long run this could compromise its integrity.

Neakasa P1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Grooming Kit?

Many options, one function – Neakasa P1 Pro Review

It was clear to us right away that the well-being of our four-legged friend is the fundamental objective of society, but will it really be like this? During our test we had no doubts about this aspect. There product noise is very low and this also makes it suitable for our furry companions, since they have more developed hearing than ours.

Already at minimum power we can enjoy excellent suction, able to absorb almost all the hairs that we are going to brush or cut according to our needs. In fact, the two brushes are well made and thanks to the devices for the cleaning in one clickjust press a key to make that the entangled hairs are absorbed inside the tube. However, the one dedicated to brushing the hair only will not always clean itself perfectly, as we are forced to push the hair towards the nozzle.

Obviously some hair will fall to the ground or get caught in our clothes, it’s inevitable. This is exactly what the company that offers us is one has thought of traditional spout head to clean the floor and both the brush designed to be passed over clothes. In this way we will be able to collect everything in seconds without the slightest effort.

Hair trimming – Neakasa P1 Pro review

Although my dog ​​doesn’t have who knows what bulky hair or hair in need of trimming, he is a medium-short haired mestizo, we still wanted (and had to for the purposes of the review) test the cutting system with the electric razor. We can say we are were extremely satisfied under this point of view.

Let’s start first by talking about the tool in general. It is a common electric razor, although it works connected only to the main body, with the mobile hard plastic blade. The gripas well as for all the tools present, is very comfortable and allows you to have a good grip that will prevent us from slipping suddenly from the hand. The part in contact with our animal is covered in plastic for prevent the temperature elevateddue to the rubbing of the rubbing of the blade, burns our friend on all fours.

It will be possible install the various clip combs easily to select the length we most want. Furthermore, there is also a function that allows the mobile blade to be brought closer to the metal end in order to further shorten the hair. All always with the usual suction system that will allow us to absorb the freshly cut hair without letting them fall to the ground. The cut is precise and clean. We will therefore not risk “pulling out” the hair of our pet.

How to take care of a special friend

We have reached the end of this review regarding Neakasa’s P1 Pro and the time has therefore come to sum up a bit. The product proposed to us and sent by the US company is designed for take care of our four-legged friends from every point of view. The various accessories are in fact designed for both dogs and cats and they can be used whether they have short or long hair.

The lightness of this product left us amazed, so much so that we thought it was transportable. However that is not the case, although there is a good margin of maneuver between the line and the aspirator tube. This could be a small problem if our pet will be afraid of the device by not approaching it or if he moves away from us for any reason that has attracted his attention.

The large 1 L tank it allows us to use it for a long time, skilfully cleaning every part of the body before having to empty it. Cleaning is very simple, although some hairs remain trapped and therefore have to be removed by hand. In the aspiration we have not encountered problems of any kind and indeed it proved to be really good; to this is added one almost non-existent noise which makes it excellent to use even in the evening, when maybe we have a little more free time available.

All the accessories are excellent; they perform their purpose impeccably and the one-click cleaning system avoids us having to touch the hair every time we have to clean the brush in use. The only real fly in the ointment perhaps comes from the price of €159.99probably a in a bit too high in our opinion and that could make many desist from buying. However, if offered on offer with a 20-30% discount, it is certainly a good deal! That’s all for this review regarding the Neakasa P1 Pro. In order not to miss further reviews and news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow!

A good companion for our four-legged friends

Plus points

  • Flawless razor
  • Good set of accessories
  • Aspiration
  • Low noise
  • Light…

Points against

  • Price a bit high
  • Basket cleaning
  • Fixed tube
  • …but not transportable
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