Netatmo announces a new feature for its alarm ecosystem

Netatmo annuncia una nuova funzionalità per il suo ecosistema di allarme thumbnail

Netatmo recently announced the availability of one important new feature to ensure the full interoperability of his Surveillance cameras with sirens, both internal and external. Let’s find out all the details together.

New functionality for Netatmo surveillance cameras

This is an extremely interesting novelty that arrives in the most delicate – and hottest – time of the year. Summer is indeed the time when pay more attention to the protection of your home through an ecosystem of intelligent, practical and interconnected solutions.

Le Indoor Cameras of Netatmo now I am finally able to communicate with each othermaking it possible tosimultaneous activation of the internal siren and of External siren in the event of an intrusion. In addition, both devices will immediately notify the user with a notification on their smartphone via the application Home+ Security.

A summer of safety

Thanks to his facial recognition technology, Netatmo’s Indoor Camera recognizes registered faces and can distinguish familiar faces from strangers. When used with its accessories, i Intelligent door sensors e windows and the Smart Siren for interiors, form a full video alarm system.

In addition, the Outdoor Camera is able to distinguish a person from an animal or a vehicle. Thanks to real-time alertsusers will be able to receive one directly on their smartphone notification in case of an unknown detection in the property.

it is also possible activate the integrated siren and its powerful alarm from 105dB from the smartphone, putting the intruders on the run. Furthermore, both models are simple to install and require no subscription. Videos are stored locally on a Micro SD card to ensure the security of user data; the device also performs regularly ed automatically updates.

Smoke Detector and Smart Doorbell with Video Camera

It only takes 30 seconds for a small flame turns into a big fire. For this reason, Netatmo offers the Smart Smoke Detector. It is a device equipped with a battery lasting 10 years which activates an 85dB alarm and immediately alerts the user on his smartphone.

The device also reveals the room where smoke was detected and allows you to intervene immediatelyeven when you are not at home.

Finally the Smart Doorbell with Video Camera of Netatmo allows users to never miss a visit, even when they are on vacation. Distinguishing between a persona it’s a innocent movementthis device protects the house from intruders.

In fact, if someone wanders near the entrance, the user receives the “Person detected” notification on their smartphone; later on device records a video of the event.

For more information you can consult the official site