New for BIMBY TM6: The food processor never ceases to amaze

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News for the Thermomix TM6 which contains more than 20 household appliances (and more). The food processor par excellence that never ceases to amaze with its novelties

In this article we will show you the latest news for Thermomix TM6. “Well and in less time” was the mantra of the gods food processor, which increasingly become part of everyday domestic life. Today they are multifunctional and intelligent machines, a single product capable by itself (or with specific accessories) to perform different processes or functions, first of all cooking.

When we talk about food processors, we can’t help but worry about the Thermomix. House masterpiece Vorwerk (click here for more information), the Thermomix is ​​considered the food processor par excellence. It was born in Germany in the 1960s, and then quickly spread to other countries. In over 50 years, technological evolution has produced increasingly performing and multifunctional models. However, there are fundamental characteristics to pay attention to when choosing this irreplaceable home help.

New for BIMBY TM6: The food processor never ceases to amaze

Fundamental components of a food processor

The main part of a food processor is the camera body, enclosed in a shell made of durable material over time. To the camera body, they snap into place the accessories for specific processes. The first of all the mug of sufficient capacity at least to prepare dishes for four people. There engine power is another relevant factor. In fact, in the presence of a large capacity, a certain degree of power is required to work even large quantities of ingredients. Equally important is the possibility of selecting various degrees of speed and temperature, which can be modulated according to the different preparations.

Worthy of attention is the safety factor. The most advanced food processors are equipped with various protection systems such as the motor block if the mixing bowl overheats, or it does not start if an accessory has not been hooked correctly or if the bowl lid is not properly closed. This is to avoid risks for the user and prevent the ingredients being processed from leaking out.

The accessories

A food processor is then equipped with a accessory kit for the different functions that make it ‘all in one’, capable of replacing many small appliances such as blender, food processor, mixer, ingredient scale, ice cream maker, steamer and more. No less important in evaluating a food processor is the design, both in terms of aesthetics and dimensions. Its ideal location is the kitchen top, so it shouldn’t be too bulky. And since the eye wants its part in the kitchen too, a beautiful design will make the robot a beautiful object to be left on display. But they are artificial intelligence and advanced digital functions that allow you to manage preparations and functions independently. Just select a preset recipe, the machine manages the times, temperatures and processes needed to make the dish.

New for BIMBY TM6: The food processor never ceases to amaze

The latest news for Thermomix TM6

The Thermomix TM6 food processor contains the best of the characteristics that define the quality of this irreplaceable ally in the kitchen. A captivating and iconic design, latest generation technology, artificial intelligence and integrated digital functions for one use multifunction which replaces beyond 20 appliances. Product research and development with a department of over 120 engineers and a global team of developers of recipes of 400 people, and an evolutionary series of seven models have made Thermomix a today full kitchen hub. Bomby is capable of embracing all the modern trends of the food. From slow cooking and vacuum-packed to ‘everything home-made’, from bread and pasta, to yogurt and cheeses. It also embraces the most diverse food styles and cultures.

Thanks to Cookidoo the digital cookbook integrated with over 8,000 Italian recipes and 82,000 from all over the world, infinite dishes can be prepared. With Thermomix even the less experienced cook can create perfect recipes in guided mode, accessing directly from the display. In addition to the accessories supplied, there are others that make life in the kitchen easier and save preparation and cooking time. All can be purchased from the eShop.

New for BIMBY TM6: The food processor never ceases to amaze

New entry

The latest addition is the new accessory Potato peeler blade covers Thermomix, also compatible with the previous model TM5. Made in high quality stainless steel and plastic food compatible, BPA free, the new accessory is 2 in 1 depending on the direction of use. On the one hand it is blade guard which protects the ingredients during slow cooking and sous vide preparations. On the other side it is potato peelerwhich cleans non-herbaceous vegetables on its own such as potatoes, carrots and turnips, reducing waste (skins) by 20-30% compared to manual peeling.

it also drastically reduces preparation times: in 4 minutes is capable of perfectly peeling up to 800 gr. of potatoes. It will thus be child’s play to prepare a tasty side dish such as a cold salad in record time, an appetizing complement to summer aperitifs. Or you can follow the ad hoc recipes designed for the new accessory, such as mashed potatoes or gnocchi.

And what do you think of these news for Thermomix TM6 ? tell us yours below in the comments. For those interested in buying a food processor, while not being able to afford an exorbitant expense, I suggest you take a look at our guide on the best medium / low-end food processors. In any case, I invite you to always stay connected on, to stay informed on the latest news from the world of technology (and not only!).

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