Netflix enters the world of video games with its own streaming platform

Netflix is ​​preparing to officially enter the video game industry with the creation of its own streaming platform. Let’s find out the details together

The gaming industry is becoming more and more profitable every year. By now, many companies, even far from this market, are beginning to catch sight of it and approach it, even if only with the introduction of gamification in strategic plans and corporate communication. Furthermore, we have seen how the biggest tech companies have recently moved large capital towards gaming. Now, too Netflix prepares for his debut with one of his own streaming platform dedicated to video games.

Netflix enters the video game market by launching its streaming platform

While shocking, this was not the first move aimed at diversification by the US entertainment giant. In fact, several years ago, the company had entered the world of comics by producing its first series. Today, however, Netflix takes it one step further by becoming more than just distributor but also producer of video games. According to a report by Bloomberg, Netflix is ​​expected to launch a streaming platform dedicated to video games next year. Obviously, the service will offer gamers games developed entirely by Netflix. Costs shouldn’t vary, as the platform, according to the report, will be included already in the normal television service. We talked about the production of first party titles.

Netflix enters the world of video games with its own streaming platform

In this regard, campaigns of hiring for various positions within the development of games. To command the project, Netflix has chosen Mike Verdu as Vice President of Stock Development. Verdu will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer, Greg Peter. Both are industry veterans. In particular, Verdu has worked with Atari, EA Los Angeles and, more recently, in Facebook, where he was responsible for development by Oculus. Of course we’ll see which one will be there reaction of the public as the latest attempts by large companies such as Amazon e Google, with respectively Luna and Stadia, did not have the hoped-for success.

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