Netflix: from today its games will be available on Android

Netflix Games officially lands on mobile, using Android as the first platform for its games

Since September, Netflix has carried out various tests for expansion in the gaming market, launching some exclusive which have so far only been usable in specific European countries, like Spain, Italy and Poland, through its Android application, with games reserved for members only. During these phases of induction into the industry, Netflix said it considers video games to be another content category akin to her, motivation similar to what led her to create original films, TV series and anime, and which brings to mind some statements from Sony CEO Jim Ryan. In addition, it aims to create works suitable for players of any level, from the less experienced to the more experienced.

The arrival of Netflix games on Android starting in November

Also in September, Netflix acquired the independent Night School Studio, author of Oxenfree, after realizing they have common lines of thought. However, according to the co-president of the company, there is in no way planned to implement crazy expenses to get hold of as many studies as possible, and it has been specified that everything is based on a factor of chance. After the first tests carried out by Netflix during the past months, the imminent arrival of the platform in the gaming world was officially announced in the last few hours, introducing five games that will be added to global level on all Android devices during the week.

Netflix: from today its games will be available on Android

The games featured are Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Teeter Up and Shooting Hoops. They stand out in one variety of genres and subscribing to the site service is the only thing necessary to access it, without also having to deal with advertising, additional costs or purchases in the app. As already mentioned, the titles will be available via Android, and will be visible in a column dedicated to games.

There will be numerous languages ​​available, and in the event that a title has not yet been translated into the desired language, it will still be available in English. In addition, to ensure the maximum protection to minors towards possible sensitive content, the videogame section will not be accessible from children’s profiles, requiring the same PIN required to access adult profiles. Another important feature will be the ability to play some titles too without network connection.

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