Stranger Things day: 2021 all the news in preview

S tranger Things Day! Fans from all over the world celebrate the day that started the series, with a preview of the fourth season and exclusive content on Netflix’s social channels

Thanks to Netflix, the series Stranger Things it can be viewed in all countries where the service is active. A service, which is the largest in terms of entertainment in the streaming world. With over 214 million of paying subscribers in addition 190 countries who watch TV series, documentaries, and wide-ranging films.

Stranger Things is a Netflix television series, a US science fiction series created by Matt and Ross Duffer, produced by Camp Hero Productions e 21 Laps Entertainment for the first Netflix streaming platform. Composed by three official seasons, it’s the last one (the fourth) arriving inestate 2022.

The series was very positively received by critics, who praised the portrayal of the characters, the cast, the atmosphere, the music and the cultural and object-oriented references of the eighties.

Stranger Things represents one of the pillars of the Netflix platform, having obtained 5 candidature ai Golden Globe e 41 candidature agli Emmy Awards, including three for Best Drama Series, two to Millie Bobby Brown for Best Supporting Actress, one to Shannon Purser also for Best Supporting Actress, and one to David Harbor for Best Supporting Actor.

Stranger Things day: 2021 all the news in preview

Stranger Things: preview of the fourth chapter of the season, cast, and extra content

Stranger Things, is a series set in the the eighties, in the quiet town of Hawkins, and the world Upside down to the same. To break the quiet of the city is the mysterious and ambiguous disappearance of Will a child who is part of a nerdy group of four kids, when he disappears, the appearance of Eleven, a shaved-haired girl endowed with strange supernatural powers, who escaped from a secret laboratory, called: Hawkins National Laboratory.

The disappearance of Will, upsets the whole community, starting with one’s family, that is: from the mother, Joyce, single woman, by her older brother Jonathan (Charlie Eathon), and his best friends, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Holes Matarazzo) Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin).

The police immediately start looking for Will, led by the Capo Hopper, a man, not very cheerful, grumpy, always bored, stubborn, and stubborn but serious in his work, with the burden of justice, a sense of duty and above all intent on looking for the missing boy.

In the succession of searches for Will, the series focuses on the escape of Eleven, who goes to meet the best friends of the missing boy, as well as the other co-stars of the series. Eleven however she is disoriented and upset so she is hidden away at the house of Mike, where she shows her supernatural powers to everyone, and also reveals she knows what their friend has taken Will.

In his revelation Eleven, announces that Will he was kidnapped by a being called Demogorgone, is that he is now trapped in a world Upside down, equal to Hawkins.

Thus begins the hunt for the monster. Where all the characters in the film show collaboration with each other, putting their own lives at risk, and saving each other’s skin.

Surely many of you are waiting for the release of the fourth season, but let us know what you think in the comments.

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