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New 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range

Two new OLED + models and a new Mini-LED are the flagships of the Philips Ambilight 2022 TV range

TP Visionlicensee of the trademarks Philips TV & Sound (here for more info on the company), once again shows its commitment to exceptional picture and sound quality. In fact, the company will once again try to push the boundaries of television images and audio performance once again with the launch of the new range of TV Ambilight.

This is made up of the new ones TV Philips OLED+937 e Philips OLED+907 equipped with Bowers & Wilkins audio and the new set Mini-LED. Below, we will learn more about the new 2022 range of Philips Ambilight TVs.

New 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range

An overview of the new Philips Ambilight TV range

Let’s start from TV OLED+937 latest generation, available in 65 ″ and 77 ″ formats. The 65 ″ is the winner of the prize EISA Home Theatre TV 2022. The OLED + 937 is equipped with image processing Philips P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine 6th generation. In addition to a new version of the sound system Bowers & Wilkins with dedicated side speakers and an output power of 95W to create true 5.1.2 surround.

The new model OLED+907 it is available with 48 “, 55” and 65 “screens and with an integrated Bowers & Wilkins 3.1 front audio system. 55 ″, 65 ″ and 77 ″ OLED + TVs use the latest OLED EX panel to deliver peak brightness up to 1300 nits.

Finally, the set PML9507 Mini-LED features a VA panel, now available in 55 “, 65” and 75 “formats, with a peak brightness of 1500 nit thanks to a mini-LED backlight.

The news

Ambilight Next Generation is the further perfected version of room lighting technology. More sophisticated version of the ambient lighting technology, designed to adapt more precisely to the images on the screen. With the new Ambilight Aurora function the TV becomes amultimedia experience in the environment thanks to the reproduction of pre-installed images / videos and theimmersive lighting.

All three sets come with a customized version of the Android 11 TV operating system. In addition, Philips TV continues to support all major ones HDR formats.

New 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range

OLED + 937 an extra touch to premium

As the flagship of the Ambilight TV range, theOLED+937 will continue to define the last frontiers of TV picture and sound quality. Obviously improving both characteristics. The result of this effort has already been officially recognized, as the 65-inch OLED + 937 TV won the award Home Theatre agli EISA Awards 2022. The 65 ″ OLED + 937 uniquely combines an advanced version of powerful technology AI Dual Engine Philipsvisible through the latest generation OLED EX panel, with its special heat sink, to allow the set to offer an astonishing peak of brightness up to a maximum of 1300 nits.

In addition to AI, the 2022 version of the P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine image processor now offers one advanced HDR function which uniquely optimizes HDR performance by mapping content based on tones, image by image, rather than averaging scene-by-scene values.

Nuovi sistemi Bowers & Wilkins e Philips Ambilight Next Generation

The sound system too Bowers & Wilkins has been improved and, for the first time, comes with dedicated left and right side drivers to create a true 5.1.2 configuration with increased output power to 95 W. This. it can ensure accurate and immersive sound that spreads throughout the room. The OLED + 937 is also one of the first televisions to feature the technology Philips Ambilight Next Generation. This, instead of dividing the rear-mounted LEDs into groups, now allows individual control of each LED to provide a wider color range and more precise match to the screen image.

The result is one Ambilight performance even more engaging, which gives an even better impression of the image that extends beyond the confines of the screen. Aurora, the new screen fill feature, combines a gallery of preloaded images and videos, displayed alongside Ambilight. This creates an attractive background multimedia art show in the living room. The OLED + 937 offers an excellent gaming experience thanks to compatibility with G-sync e Free-sync Premiumthe dedicated game settings bar on the screen and the new feature VRR Shadow Enhancer. The latter, designed to optimize game performance based on the refresh rate of the panel.

New design

The feeling of the high quality of the TV also extends to the European design of the OLED + 937, with the new OLED EX panel which offers a thinner bezel to ensure an uninterrupted transfer to the minimal metal frame of the set and a better connection with the colorful aura of Ambilight.

The speakers continue to be integrated into the TV stand and feature a tessuto Kvadrat Audiomix both on the top and on the front. With the presence of specially perforated satin metal speaker grilles on each end. The new remote offers a motion-activated backlight, a high-quality silver finish and a more luxurious back that is coated in pelle Muirhead.

New 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range

OLED + 907 – Elegant integration of picture and sound

The new OLED+907 greatly enhances the much-appreciated format of the OLED + 903 model, elegantly integrating a Bowers & Wilkins audio system within the silhouette of the set. Exceptional image quality is also guaranteed by the combination of powerful processing technology 6th generation P5 AI with version Royal of the last panel OLED EX. And of course, the integrated heatsink, which delivers a peak light output of 1300 nits on the 55 “and 65” models. The three-sided immersive system offers the performance of Ambilight Next Generation and the new feature Aurora.

The sound quality is also exceptional thanks to the 80 W Bowers & Wilkins 3.1 sound system six speakers front mounted facing directly towards the listener in a dedicated left, center and right (LCR) arrangement, offering a very large sonic picture with crystal clear dialogue. Deep, precise bass is provided yes a great subwoofer rear mounted and supported by four passive radiators.

New Design

Ideal for gaming, the OLED + 907 is equipped with the Philips TV game settings bar and is compatible with Freesync Premium e G-Sync, as well as offering full resolution 4K 120VRR playback via monitor mode. The design europeo premium Includes a swivel, center-mounted, flat-base metal stand finished in satin chrome. While, the discreet speaker cabinet extends the full width of the bottom of the set and is finished in tessuto Kvadrat Audiomix.

The minimalist metal frame of the set enjoys an uninterrupted connection with the screen image and Ambilight experience thanks to the thinner bezel of the new OLED EX panel.

PML9507 – Mini LED: maximum quality and maximum value guaranteed

While OLED remains the choice for absolute top-of-the-line Ambilight TV performance, technology Mini LED expanded TP Vision’s premium offering. All this thanks to the combination of excellent image quality and extraordinary value. Philips will expand the number of sizes of Mini-LED screens with the introduction of one 55 ″ versionwhich joins the 65 “and 75” models.

Image quality is ensured by the integration of processing 6th generation Philips P5 AI it’s yes VA panels high quality at 120Hz with an impressive 1500 nit peak brightness. Immersive viewing is guaranteed by a four-sided version of the new sistema Ambilight Next Generation and the addition of the new Aurora feature. This allows you to continue the experience of immersion in the contents of the room, once you have finished viewing the main show.

New 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range

World-class audio quality

The sound quality is equally impressive, thanks to a 70 W 2.1 integrated system con two pairs of down-firing tweeters e due midrange. In addition to a separate triple ring subwoofer it’s at two passive radiators mounted in their housing at the rear of the set.

The PML9507 also has the flexibility of being used as a dedicated center channel in an expanded audio system using compatible satellite speakers connected via Play-Fi. Like, for example, the new Philips Fidelio FS1to broaden the soundstage while the dialogue remains anchored to the characters on the screen.

New design

Il high quality European design of the set includes a gunmetal finish, a metal frame with a narrow band along the bottom edge of the set that reduces to a minimalist wrap on the other three edges of the screen. Brush-cut dark anthracite anodized metal feet complete the design.

Ideal for gaming, the PML9507 is equipped with the Philips TV game settings bar, compatibility Freesync Premium and reproduction 4K 120VRR at full resolution via the monitor mode of the TV. The PML9507 also includes the sophisticated and elegant movement-activated silver remote control with the luxurious rear finish in pelle Muirhead.

Availability and pricing of the new Philips Ambilight TVs

L’OLED+937 will be available from Q4 2022. The 65 ”OLED + 937 will be on sale at a price of 3,499 euros, while the 77” OLED + 937 will be priced at 4,799 euros. L’OLED+907 will be available from Q4 2022. The 48 “OLED + 907 will be on the market at a price of 1,599 euros, the 55” OLED + 907 at a price of 1,999 euros, while the 65 “OLED + 907 will be available at the price of 2,999 euros.

As for the Philips PML9507, will be available from Q4 2022. The 55 ”Philips PML9507 will be on sale at a price of 1,599 euros. The 65 ”Philips PML9507 at a price of 2,199 euros, while the 75” Philips PML9507 will be available at a price of 2,999 euros.

And you? What do you think of this new 2022 Philips Ambilight TV range ? Let us know with a comment below and stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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