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The Ovetto becomes electric, the new Neo’s Yamaha has arrived

The electrified version of Neo’s Yamaha has arrived on the market, with double battery.

Neo's YamahaNeo’s Yamaha

After all, looking at the sky is like looking back in time and the Neo’s in the electrified version, as well as among the latest innovations from the Casa dei Tre Diapason, takes us back to the nineties, with a new all-green grit. At the Venice Arsenale, on the occasion of the Boat Show, it was the protagonist together with the range of zero-impact vehicles from Yamaha’s Switch On program. A day full of ideas and research, which the manufacturer is carrying out to make the new electric vehicles more and more performing.

During the presentation Andrea Colombi, Country Manager Yahama, said: “We are pioneers in experimenting with innovation at the service of individual mobility and passion”.

Never without: recharge.

The shapes are those of the fifty, also known as Ovetto, the manufacturer wanted to keep them to entice the nostalgic and embrace the GenZ, increasingly attentive to the use of zero-impact vehicles. Here, time passes, exactly twenty-five years and the new Neo’s has all the genes of its predecessor and is destined to write a new all-electric chapter.

The front LED headlight with rounded shapes and the rear suspended one, are enveloped by the body with sliding lines with a generous flat platform. Neo’s has the keyless function and those who choose it are always connected by downloading the free Yamahas MyRide app on their smartphone and associating it with the Communication Control Unit (CCU) on the scooter using a QR code or VIN number.

The LCD instrumentation is equipped with an icon that displays the communications of incoming calls and messages from the smartphone in real time, allowing you to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. NEO’s riders can also share their riding experiences with other Yamaha MyRide app users, as well as export trip information and connect with other MyRiders to view photos, compare routes and discover new places to go.

The electrified version of Neo’s Yamaha has arrived on the market

In addition to enabling connectivity, MyRide provides access to technical and operating information such as speed, acceleration, vehicle battery status, route monitoring and more. The MyRide app displays the charging status and level of the main and secondary battery. A parking locator makes it easier to find your scooter, and a breakdown warning helps you detect any technical problems that may need attention.

To ensure that every NEO’s rider always stays connected, MyRide makes this new electric vehicle the ideal solution for urban mobility for everyone, from scooter lovers to those who choose this type of vehicle for the first time.

It is fitted with 13 ”wheels, the front brake is a 200 mm disc and a drum at the rear.

Another peculiarity is the 27-liter compartment under the saddle and is able to accommodate a helmet.

Its weight reaches 90 kg to this we add another 8 of lithium-ion battery and surprise: it has a second spare, for a total of 106 kg. The latter has a separate cost of around € 1,000.

We come to consumption.

A 1 kWh accumulator is able to travel 37 km and if you want to save energy you can travel in Eco mode, thus preserving the, eye also decreases performance. It takes eight hours to recharge for a full one while being plugged into the domestic socket, but there is also the possibility of being able to extract the package and recharge it separately.

Neo’s is powered by a brushless motor housed in the direct drive rear wheel of 2.5 kW and 136 Nm of torque, capable of reaching a top speed of 50 km / h in Standard mode and 35 km / h in Eco.

A special test.

We tested the scooter with both batteries on board along a straight line that starts from the Venice-Lido “Giovanni Nicelli” airport, on the coast. On the road, the only obstacles were roundabouts and a very windy day where at times the Neo’s wobbled slightly. The guide is easy to handle and has a rapid ability to restart after the stop phase. Delivery is linear and smooth with no delays in gas response. Having the goodness of the low center of gravity, the weight distribution is well calibrated and the seat allows the pilot to touch with both feet on the ground.

Availability and costs.

In this month Neo’s is on the market, at a price of 3,199 euros ex-dealer with a single battery, obviously we have to add (as mentioned above) an additional 1,000 euros for the second. Finally, it is available in the colors: Milky White or Midnight Black.

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