New Jeep Wagoneer S: here’s what it will look like

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The American company is about to release the new Jeep Wagoneer S, the electric SUV that also transports Jeep into the world of electric cars: here’s what it will look like

Jeep is coming back with the new one suv elettrico Jeep Wagoneer Swhich will be built on ‘s new Stla-Large platform Stellar e it will not have an internal combustion engine. This new product is proof that Jeep is also embracing the world of electric cars. Let’s take a step back in time: in 1963 Jeep made the Wagoneer, a large and muscular SUV, famous for its luxurious interiors, refined materials and high-quality finishes. After 60 years, Wagoneer is back with a new one Jeep Wagoneer Sof which we can already see the interior.

New Jeep Wagoneer S: here's what it will look like

The interior of the new Jeep Wagoneer S

The Jeep Wagoneer S it promises very high performance, worthy of the name it bears and a worthy successor to the ’63 Wagoneer. Entering inside the SUV we can taste the real thing modernity, breathing an air of integration between art and technology. The interior materials and design contain this car’s strongest features, including acommand unit made to measure for the driver, with an exclusive selector from the Jeep company, namely the Selec-Terrain, plus dynamic and customizable ambient lighting. The Wagoneer S will also have a double-panel panoramic roof as standard and will offer a sound system from 19 speakers which makes the music on board even more enveloping.

In addition to the panoramic roof, there are also four digital screens. The first is the digital cockpit, a digital dashboard located behind the steering wheel that provides navigator information. But as expected, not only the navigator, it also provides information about speed, autonomy and all the other functions typical of a modern car. As for the steering wheel, the design seems to have a square shape. On the right there should be controls for managing the adaptive cruise control, while on the left the controls for managing menus and calls. The second screen is that ofinfotainment, which manages music and general settings. Further down is the third screen, which is used for climate control, while the fourth screen is located in front of the passenger.

The new Jeep Wagoneer S doesn’t seem bad at all to us. What do you think? Tell us with a comment and continue to follow us on for other news from the world of motors and much more.