Wonderful Precure! will be streaming on Crunchyroll: anime debut

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The anime Wonderful Precure! will be available on Crunchyroll, the video on demand streaming service owned by Sony Corporation that distributes anime series and more from East Asia

Crunchyroll has officially announced that it will broadcast the long-awaited anime Wonderful Precure!, starting Saturday at 8:30 pm EST. Crunchyroll is a video on demand streaming service owned by Sony Corporation, specializing in the distribution of anime series, films and television programs mainly from East Asian media. Coverage will extend to several regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The news was welcomed with enthusiasm by fans, who will be able to enjoy the adventures of Pretty Cure in these regions. The anime Wonderful Precure! will make its debut on Sunday Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), TV Asahi and on 22 affiliated channels, starting at 8:30am JST. Fans will be able to follow the adventures of Iroha Inukai and her faithful furry companion, Komugi, in a city where humans and animals live together in harmony.

Wonderful Precure!  will be streaming on Crunchyroll: anime debut

Wonderful Precure!, the plot and the creative team

The plot of the anime takes place in the evocative Animal Town, a place where humans and animals live together in perfect harmony. Iroha Inukai, a seventh grade student, and her dog Komugi will be at the center of an extraordinary adventure when they encounter the mysterious creature Gargal. Komugi’s transformation into Cure Wonderful will kick off a series of exciting events. Masanori Satō, known for his work on Butt Detective and Thriller Restaurant, is the director of the new anime. Precure expert Yoshimi Narita is responsible for the series composition and screenplay. The character design is handled by Yoko Uchidawhile the music is entrusted to Erika Fukasawa. A team of talented professionals will help make Wonderful Precure! an unforgettable visual and sound experience.

To increase fans’ anticipation, the program “Wonderful Cure! Ouchi de Ohirome Show” on Precure’s YouTube channel from January 28 at 4pm JST. The program features Soaring Sky’s Cure Wonderful and Cure Sky! Precure in dance lessons, quizzes and games, offering a fun look behind the scenes. Crunchyroll is already streaming the 12-episode series Power of Hope: Precure Full Bloom, which aired on NHK Educational on October 7. The anime continues to capture viewers’ attention with its gripping plot and unique style.

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