New Pokémon Snap: how to get 4 stars by photographing Ducklett

Let’s find out together, in this guide dedicated to the new New Pokémon Snap, how to get the 4 stars dedicated to Ducklett: when to photograph it?

If you are passionate about Pokémon, surely your instinct as a super collector or trainer will have led you, over time, to try to capture as many cute beasts and take them to unattainable competitive combat heights. If you want, however, to have an alternative experience with the sweet little animals of the big N, New Pokémon Snap recently arrived on Nintendo Switch, to ride the 25th anniversary wave of the most famous series of all time. The title, originally released on Nintendo 64, bases its essence on simply photographing Pokémon in their natural environment. So no catches, just lots of snaps!

Given the recent release of the remastered version of the game, we decided to bring you a long series of themed guides, specifically dedicating ourselves to obtaining 4 stars for all the Pokémon present. We have already shown you how to do it for Dodrio and Tangrowth, also introducing you to the game map and all the levels available. In this short guide dedicated to New Pokémon Snap, however, we want to illustrate you how to get 4 stars by photographing Ducklett, the little duck that evolving transforms itself into the wonderful swan. Let’s begin!

New Pokémon Snap: the 4 stars for Ducklett!

Let’s find out step by step how to get the 4 stars for Ducklett:

  • 1 Stella: nothing could be simpler, take a picture as soon as you see him swimming in the water. Even if it is next to another Ducklett or a Swanna, that’s okay;
  • 2 Stella: throw him a Soft Apple and wait for him to start eating it, then take a picture;
  • 3 Stella: you will have to scare the Ducklett you want to photograph with a Soft Apple, hitting it or taking it by surprise with a throw, then you will have to photograph the exact moment in which it flaps its wings in fear;
  • 4 Stella: this star will be a little more difficult to obtain, because you will have to witness a rather rare event. In some situations, in fact, more easily at the Floreo Natural Park, you will see a Ducklett flying next to a Swanna, and this is the opportunity to immortalize with a photo to get the fourth and last star.

So ends here our short guide on how to get 4 stars by photographing Ducklett in New Pokémon Snap. Stay tuned with us at for lots of other themed guides! What do you think of the Nintendo title? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!