The Coalition: working on Gears 6 and a new IP?

According to Jeff Grubb, The Coalition should be working on Gears 6 and a new IP. Let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated news

The Coalition, the software house that gave life to the Gears of War saga and a fundamental member of the Xbox Game Studios, according to recent statements by Jeff Grubb during his live stream, he would be working on one new IP and on Gears 6. Very active, therefore, the Canadian development house based in Vancouver. Let’s find out, however, some more details related to the work of the software house and to Grubb’s statements.

The Coalition: working on Gears 6 and the new IP dedicated to Star Wars?

The news would surely be sensational. We refer to the indiscretion released by Jeff Grub, according to which The Coalition, in addition to working on the next chapter in the saga of Gears (6) he would be thinking, or even would be working on already a new IP linked to the universe of star wars. That this indiscretion arrived during Stars Wars Day (by the way, best wishes to all fans!) Is it to be considered just a coincidence? We will see what the near future holds. Surely, the words of Jeff Grubb, who recently denied the presence of Gears 6 at the next E3, bring the mouth is watering for all gamers.

The Coalition: working on Gears 6 and a new IP?

The Coalition, therefore, appears to be very active on several fronts. Both on what is, surely, its strong point, or the Gears of War saga, both on what may be new works to be completed. Furthermore, again to underline the strong activity of the company, we know that the same is supporting 343 Industries in the realization of the long-awaited (and complex) Halo Infinite which could see the light in the second half of 2021. We just have to wait for further updates and news on the matter.

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