George Romero’s Twilight of the Dead becomes reality

Twilight of the Dead was George Romero’s last project before his passing and now, it will come true, with production already working on the script.

Twilight of the Dead was director George Romero’s last work on which he was at work before his death, a work that ended the chapters of the five zombie films, such as Dawn of the Living Dead, Il Giorgno degli Zombi, The Land of the Living Dead. With his passing, it is his wife Suzanne Romero who looks after his legacy and confirmed that a script beginning already existed and that her husband would be very happy to see it become a movie.

George Romero’s Twilight of the Dead will happen

In the script team, together with Joe Knetter and Robert L Lucas there is also the Italian film critic Paolo Zelati and a great connoisseur of American new horror, who had already made a proposal to implement the film. Zelati, in fact, had started working with George Romero on the treatment, or the development of the subject towards the screenplay.

Suzanne Romero also gave some lines on what will be the basic plot, which is a decimated world with a life that has almost disappeared. As for the directors, their identity is still unknown, because they are still to be established at this stage of the project.

Good news for all fans of the zombie horror genre, especially towards one of the directors who was among the first to start this genre and paved the way for the most recent films in recent years.