New Pokémon Snap: how to get 4 stars with Bouffalant

The unstoppable Bouffalant has arrived in New Pokémon Snap, ready to beat the competition: how to reach 4 stars?

Bouffalant, despite having all the air of being the evolution of the first generation Pokémon Tauros, is not. The peculiarity of this big buffalo is undoubtedly the great one mane in afro style from which two equally huge horns protrude. The latter, mainly used as a weapon, are adorned with two golden rings which increase its particularity. Unlike other more sought-after pokémon, such as Shaymin, this magnificent animal is not that rare. It is possible to find it, in fact, already from the first levels of New Pokémon Snap, available on Nintendo Switch, but it is not so easy to reach all the 4 stars with Bouffalant.

Bouffalant: how to get all 4 stars in New Pokémon Snap

But then once turned on New Pokémon Snap and found Bouffalant, how to get hold of the 4 stars? After finding him, to complete every single photographic evaluation of his voice in the Photodex you will need a particular tool that we are going to unveil now. But let’s start from the beginning, analyzing all the steps step by step:

  • 1° stella: to get this first star, a simple image of Bouffalan. Even the ones you can see in the distance at the beginning of the first phase of the game will do just fine, perfect for such a picture.
  • 2° stella: to get the second star, we can use any one screenshot of a sleeping Bouffalant, without particular details or situations.
  • 3° stella: reaching this third star will require some more action. After throwing a Fluffruit directly on a Bouffalant, it will be easy to see how annoyed he will be. This is the perfect time! Take a screenshot of that instance and the third star will be yours.
  • 4° stella: to grab this fourth and last star, the procedure to follow is this. In the very first area of ​​the Florio Natural Park (Day), the Bouffalant herd is found. After getting close, try using yours Sorry. The Bouffalants will disperse, seemingly annoyed, and one of them will crash into the one closest to you. After a couple of seconds, they will start testing each other and it will be exactly at this moment that you need to take your photograph.

New Pokémon Snap: how to get 4 stars with Bouffalant

It is important to remember that the behavior of the different pokémon, yes modification based on the level of research you are in. By increasing your research level at each stage, you will notice different behaviors of creatures and succeed in the quest to collect all the stars for your Photodex. If you can’t find the specific moment for what you’re looking for right away, don’t worry! It could simply be due to this. Continue to take pictures in a specific stage, to unlock each level of research and complete your Photodex.

Players of New Pokémon Snap, you have already managed to get all 4 stars for Bouffalant? Let us know in the comments and stay with us on! All other Pokémon games are available, in digital format, on Instant Gaming at a bargain price.

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