New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Arbok

The fearsome cobra, Arbok, returns in New Pokémon Snap more menacing than ever: here’s how to take a photo of him that will earn you four stars

We have covered many of the protagonists of New Pokémon Snap, and one of those made more threatening by this spinoff is Arbok: it is not a simple snake, and a photo from four stars it could be a frequent thought for you. Fortunately, however, it is nothing indecent: its size makes it easy to frame while it scares other smaller creatures (which thanks to our presence enjoy a diversion to get to safety), and therefore the fulcrum of the strategy behind the photo. perfect does not contemplate the difficulty in framing it. There are other challenges: let’s discover them together.

Arbok: how to get the various stars in New Pokémon Snap

Arbok’s photos can receive one to four stars in New Pokémon Snap, ei requirements for each rating they are different. Below you can find a quick list of what you need to do for each rating.

  • A star: Just photograph Arbok, as always.
  • Two stars: Hit him with a fluffy apple and take a picture of him while he’s scared.
  • Three stars: As you explore the Arboros Jungle by day, try to frame the trees where Arbok usually sits on the ground. It can be found targeting prey from above. Take a picture of it dangling off the branch.
  • Four stars: In the same scenario, Arbok can sometimes appear much earlier while tormenting a Wooper. Scare him to drive him to the next area. Once you reach it, you will have plenty of time and room to maneuver to fill it with fluffy apples. He’ll try to eat them before they hit the ground, emitting a shrill noise when he succeeds: that’s the signal!
  • New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Arbok

    Note that the behavior of the various creatures depends on your own research level. If you can’t find the specific moment you are looking for, this may also be the reason. Keep taking photos to raise the level and fill the Fotodex.

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