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Andrea Ricca’s short films

Andrea Ricca’s short films, a new collection of over twenty science fiction, horror, fantasy and adventure films, with special effects in 3D computer graphics, are now available online for free

Among the many cinematographic proposals currently available to the public, including cinema on the big screen, films on streaming platforms and the internet, films by Andrea Rich, which have already reached over 40 million views online and received positive reviews from the international press.

To be able to view them, we leave you the link to go to:

We also list some of the newspapers that have spent words for these excellent short films: the Italians Ciak, Rai Tre, Cinecittà News, Il Mattino, Cineblog, Film TV, Nocturno, Scienza, Ivid, VideoMakers, Tutto Digitale, Horror Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Taxi Drivers, Wild Pile, News Cinema, and Foreign Starburst Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, RadioTimes, Scream Horror Magazine, Dread Central, Fangoria, Gruesome Magazine, Horror Movies Ca, Gorezone, Horror Society, Horror Fix, Bloody Disgusting, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Sfx Magazine, L’Ecran Fantastique and many others.

But the appreciation for these works is not over because the historic production company “Hammer Film” is also talking about them and the compliments also came from the special effects legend Tom Savini and the director Wes Craven. Recently the videos have also been appreciated by some personalities of Italian cinema such as Carlo Verdone, Ricky Tognazzi, Giulio Base, Marco Risi, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Manetti Bros and many others.

Andrea Ricca's short films

And the movie

Filled with emotion, these shorts rely on action to tell stories of fantastic events that upset the tranquility of ordinary people forced to fight for their lives. The stories tell of alien invasions, fantastic monsters, dinosaurs, giant animals and paranormal events.

Featuring live actors interacting with computer-generated creatures, these films are inspired by both classic and modern science fiction and horror. Among the most popular with the public are “Spider Danger“, Which tells of a spider that became giant after the fall of a meteorite, with over 8 million views, and”Aliens Night”On the subject of alien abductions, with as many as 9 million views.

All films, each lasting no more than 10 minutes, feature characters and creatures created in three-dimensional computer graphics.

For those curious, on the Andrea Ricca website it is possible to view, in addition to the interviews and other curiosities about the author, also a section of “Making Of”Which reveals the behind the scenes of the production.

The films are also visible on the platform Amazon Prime Video (for USA and UK only).

These short films have also participated in various film festivals around the world and to keep you updated we recommend some of them: Fantafestival, Miami Film Festival, Vienna Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, Texas Terror Film Festival, International Fantastic Film Festival, Cleveland Comic Con , Linea D’Ombra Film Festival, Horror Con Uk etc.

All the films were produced on a zero budget, with no external contributions or remuneration to the participants, with the only help of an HD camera and a computer. The director took care of all stages of production, from the subject to the script, from shooting to editing, post production, sound and special effects in 3D computer graphics, CGI VFX, in which he specializes with the 3DS Max software.

The director, Andrea Ricca

Andrea Ricca, graduated in Sociology and specialized in 3D graphics, made his debut in 1998. He currently works as a 3D designer and editor. He has also collaborated on some films for the Giffoni Film Festival. In 2012 he published the book: “Low budget special effects – Computer graphics manual for independent directors” available in all bookstores for Dino Audino Editore.

Finally, the works of Andrea Ricca have been cited in two degree theses on cinema with the supervisors Roy Menarini and Gian Battista Canova.

Press comments

To report the excellent work of Andrea Ricca, we also leave you some comments that the press has spent on him and his short films.

Starbust Magazine he has declared:

There is an energy and exuberance to his films that it is impossible not to get involved with

Ciak Magazine instead he wrote:

These films represent something unusual in the panorama of Italian cinema for the theme of science fiction and for the great use of computer graphics as well as being a remarkable result for genre cinema that goes beyond national borders. A unique case not only in the web universe but in Italian cinema. Fantastic stories of a few minutes with the perfection of mini-films. Wonder, adventure, emotion mix with everyday reality

It’s still Carlo Verdone he said:

Andrea Ricca, with his crew, made a delightful film. I would like to congratulate him and all his collaborators for the original idea and the “highly civic” content it has. It looks like a thriller… and then sends a very effective poetic and ethical message instead. Good boy! and Bravi!

So all that remains is to go and see Andrea Ricca’s short films and let us know your opinion!

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