New World: the Expedition Mutators functionality is being tested

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On the test servers of New World it is possible to try the Expedition Mutators functionality: here’s how to do it and what it consists of.

New World: Expedition Mutators set to arrive on the final version of the game?

Recently available in the game’s Public Testing Realm (PTR), Expedition Mutators it’s just one of the new features being tested. To try you obviously need to access the PTR servers, but good news: you can do it from Europe! Interested players will need to download a special preview client on Steam to access it. Once the test period is complete and the main New World game updated, the PTR world is closed. At this link the instructions to participate in the New World public tests.

But what does this Expedition Mutators consist of?

Basically they are mutators that are found within specific expeditions, and are aimed at stirring the waters and generating chaos. These change the way encounters are conducted and can guarantee better rewards than usual. So uncommon equipment and weapons, which can help players increase their level.

The system is designed to rotate through weekly 10 difficulty levels. In this way the players who reach higher levels will get more important rewards. To start all participating players, a standard equipment score of 600. Every 48 hours modifiers can be found in one of the following expeditions: Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality.

Could this be just a move to recover the lost hype for a game that is as acclaimed as it is soon forgotten?