motorcycle scooter sales in 2021 reach + 21%

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Motorcycles and scooters recorded a more than positive year in 2021 in terms of sales, with a + 21.2% compared to 2020. Despite the declines in November (-2.4%) and December (-4%), the data released by Confindustria ANCMA (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) testify to the great interest of Italians in two-wheeled engines (combustion and electric) given that over 280 thousand vehicles have been placed on the market. A growth that, in some ways “obvious” when referring to 2020, the year of the pandemic, is in any case significant because compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, the volume of sales has in any case increased by 14,5%.

The only negative sign is what comes from mopeds, which recorded a decrease of 4.7% and 18,835 vehicles sold, for the first time (apart from the anomalous year of 2020) under 20 thousand units. The growth of scooters was significant, with 151,153 vehicles registered, corresponding to an increase of 21.3%; the trend of motorcycles is even more robust, with 119,079 vehicles registered and an overall growth of 26.4% over 2020. The most significant figure, however, appears to be that of the comparison with 2019, the last “normal” year before the pandemic: here the market grows overall by 14.5%.

If we take into consideration the two-wheeler market with electric motor alone, after the misstep in November, 835 vehicles are recovered in December and license plate, marking an increase of 5%. The result of the month allows electricians to close on par with 2020 (+ 0.5%), registering a total of 10,848 vehicles. The comparison with 2019 shows an increase of 85.5%.

Sales of motorcycles and scooters, Benelli TRK 502 / TRK 502 X and Honda SH the favorites of 2021

The ranking of the best-selling bikes sees the first place Benelli TRK 502 which in the count (6,543 units sold) also includes the variant “X”. In second place it places itself with 3,956 pieces registered there BMW R 1250 GS. The podium is completed with the Honda Africa Twin which was chosen by 3,011 motorcyclists. As you can see, in the first three places there are three enduro bikes, while the first “tourist” is the Yamaha Tracer 9 which occupies the fourth place with 2891 units sold. The fifth place is occupied by a naked, to be precise Keeway RKF 125.

motorcycle scooter sales 2021Benelli TRK 502X

As for scooters, the Italian market is dominated byHonda SH which in the various displacements (125cc, 350cc and 150cc) respectively occupies the first three places in the ranking. The 125cc model was registered 12,804 times, followed by the 350cc with 11,276 and the 150cc with 11,272.

In fourth place is the Kymco Agility with 7,059 units sold, while the Italian Piaggio takes fifth and sixth place with the Beverly 300 ABS (7,042 pieces sold) and the Liberty 125 ABS (6.991 pieces sold),

Honda sh 125

The best-selling electric scooter in Italy in 2021, according to ANCMA data, is the NIU NGT with 1,253 units delivered, it occupies the 27th place in the general classification.

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