NieR Reincarnation: release date revealed

A few months after the Japanese debut, NieR Reincarnation is ready to land also on western iOS and Android devices, as confirmed by the official release date

Now that Japanese fans have had a few months to enjoy the first mobile journey into the universe of Deny, it’s time for the creature of Yoko Taro to disembark also outside the native borders. The title free-to-play NieR Reincarnation, in fact, it is now about to officially land also in Europe, North America and Korea, as confirmed by Square Enix: the Japanese company, in fact, has announced the official launch date of the production directed to devices iOS e Android, which is scheduled for the end of July by now.

NieR Reincarnation arrives in late July

Launched in Japan this past February, the game tells the story of Girl of Light, a young woman who awakens in a mysterious world known as The Cage. Led by a mysterious creature who claims to be called Mama, the girl must explore this enigmatic location, with the aim of recover their memories and make amends for their sins.

During his trip there Girl of Light he will make the acquaintance of other characters, who will understand the gray-haired Prosthetic Hunter, perpetually in search of substitute arts, and the Wanderer, a young man traveling with a mechanical soldier. The game will present gacha type mechanics, which will be used to recruit new elements for our party, therefore it will be reasonable to expect a full-bodied dose of bizarre creatures, in perfect style Yoko Taro.

We may also collect and upgrade weapons, to be used within the turn-based combat, which will take place within the recovered memories. The clashes will be handled automatically from the game, with the special attacks which can be activated by touching the screen, once the appropriate indicators are loaded.

NieR Reincarnation will be available for free download starting next 28 of July, and we at are really eager to get our hands on it. And you, are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments section, perhaps after taking a tour of the Instant Gaming pages as well.

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