Tim turns off 3G: here is the warning to users

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Switch off period, this beginning of 2022, testifying to how technologies that seemed futuristic yesterday are already in the smell of obsolescence today.

But in the coming weeks it will not be only digital terrestrial that will switch to the new transmission standard. Even mobile telephony (which is linked to digital terrestrial double-wire, because the 700 MHz frequencies will be released precisely to favor 5G technology) will be called to an expected but still epochal transition..

And Tim knows it well, who will turn off 3G starting from April, as explained in a post that appeared on the company’s official website.

Three types of users who will be forced to run for cover. Who? Those who still own a 3G device (practically an object of modernity), those who have a first generation 4G smartphone and those who have a sim with a capacity of less than 128K.

Before analyzing these three possible situations, let’s see what Tim’s progressive dismissal of the 3G network consists of.

Tim and farewell to 3G

The reasons for Tim’s shutdown of the 3G network are well explained in the post. Where we read that “TIM, in the process of innovation and development of its mobile network, in order to offer its customers services of ever higher quality, has started the gradual disposal of the 3G network, in favor of the more performing 4G and 5G networks.

The replacement process will start from April 2022 and will progressively involve the whole national territory.

The closure of the 3G network will allow TIM to concentrate investments on the most energy efficient technologies and the best performing in terms of quality of services offered to its customers.

The 4G and 5G networks, enhanced with continuous investments in technological innovation, will allow TIM customers to access an increasingly engaging and immersive user experience, even in the use of streaming videos, such as those available in the offers that combine TIMVISION contents with those of DAZN, Infinity +, Disney + and Netflix “.

What will change

The percentage of users who will be personally affected by the switch off is represented by the three categories already mentioned. That is, by owners of 3G phones, first generation 4G smartphones and sims with less than 128K.

All these customers will receive personalized communication. The first messages already sent contain the following text: “Dear customer, from April 2022, Tim will start the gradual shutdown of the 3G network, which will be replaced by 4G and 5G technologies. Since your smartphone does not support calls with new technologies, in the absence of a 3G network, you will use the 2G network to make calls and send text messages, but will no longer be able to surf the Internet on the 4G network at the same time. To make the most of the quality of the Tim network, we suggest you consider replacing your old smartphone “.

But let’s see, for each of the three types of users, what will happen.

3G phone owners

With the shutdown of the 3G network, devices that do not support 4G will have to return to the legendary 2G network, that of the nineties of the last century. You will still be able to call and send SMS, but surfing the Internet will have all the limitations you can imagine.

Owners of first generation 4G smartphones

Devices that do not support VoLTE technology (Voice over LTE, which allows you to make calls on the 4G or 5G network) will be able to surf in 4G but will use 2G to make calls and send text messages. Since they are two distinct networks, it will no longer be possible to call and surf at the same time.

To check the compatibility of your device with VoLTE technology, during a call, check if the icon continues to show the 4G or 5G symbol. For phones older than 2020, the presence of the VoLTE service is indicated by an icon at the top right of the display. If it is missing, you can check that VoLTE is correctly enabled in the phone settings.

SIM holders with less than 128K capacity

Tim’s abandonment of the 3G network also penalizes those who have a sim with a capacity of less than 128k. Owners of old sims will still be able to call and send text messages using 2G, but will experience severe slowdowns in Internet browsing.

However will be able to replace the sim in Tim centers, keeping the telephone number. The 15 euros of the operation will be reimbursed within 24 hours on the credit of the new ticket.

Here is the message that Tim is sending to this type of customer: “Dear customer, from April 2022, TIM will start the progressive shutdown of the 3G mobile network, which will be replaced by 4G and 5G technologies. Since your SIM does not support the new technologies, in the absence of a 3G network, you will not be able to use the mobile network services.

We therefore invite you to go to a TIM shop in time to replace the SIM. Your phone number will not change and the cost of 15E for the SIM change will be refunded automatically within 24 hours on your remaining credit “.

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