Nintendo: a commemorative gallery is coming to Japan

By 2024, a Nintendo-themed gallery will open in Japan: the Big N museum will follow the entire history of the company from 1889 to today

Let it not be said that Nintendo does not know how to take the trade press completely off guard: the Big N has in fact announced that will open a gallery dedicated to its history in Japan. The structure aimed at the company’s over one hundred year history is the now abandoned factory in Uji Ogura. We recall in fact that the Kyoto colossus was founded in the same city in 1889 by the craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi, whose grandson (acquired) Hiroshi, after the American bombing at the end of the war (which Kyoto escaped by a miracle), shifted the company’s focus from hanafuda cards to toys in the sixties, and then moved on to video games in the 80s.

Nintendo Gallery: The Great N memorial gallery in Japan

The Big N, as the press release of Nintendo itself, is happy to announce the future conversion of its Uji Ogura facility in Japan into a gallery dedicated to its history. The museum will be built in collaboration with the town in question, to modernize the area near the station. The establishment dates back to 1969, but the is with the last expansion in 1988 that he took the name of Uji Ogura. Before it fell into disuse in 2016, his job was customer service and product repair. Conversion plans have been going on ever since

Nintendo: a commemorative gallery is coming to Japan

The future “Nintendo Gallery” will be complete and accessible to the public by fiscal year 2023, which will end in March 2024. For sure, that’s anything but the news we would have expected as the full pre-E3 buzz is back to hitting just today. The rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro they resumed running at full capacity: now the set date for the hypothetical announcement of the new model is June 4, or the day after tomorrow. One thing is certain, though; the Kyoto giant will necessarily stop playing hole cards, painfully or not, with the arrival of the Los Angeles fair. Until then, let’s be patient.

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