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Nintendo aims to develop new franchises in the future

Among Nintendo’s plans, in addition to supporting the classic series that distinguish it, there is the will to create new franchises in the future

One of the criticisms that has always been most often leveled Nintendo it’s about how the company seems to focus primarily on development and consolidation of its most famous IPs, such as Mario, Zelda and Pokemon, rather than in the making of new franchises. Of course, it is undeniable how over the years the Kyoto house has given birth to new brands, just think of Splatoon, ARMS, Xenoblade Chronicles or Ring Fit Adventures, but the skepticism surrounding its modus operandi seems reluctant to disappear. However, it seems that the situation is destined to change.

Nintendo: new franchises in the company’s future

To confirm the desire to overturn this deep-rooted belief, the presidente di Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, which in the course of a recent interview with Nikkei stated how the company plans to remain competitive develop new franchises in the next future. Obviously the realization of new IPs it will not affect investments in traditional series, such as Mario and Zelda, but go hand in hand with the growth of these gaming icons.

Nintendo aims to develop new franchises in the future

“Games are certainly not a priority in everyday life. In order for shoppers to choose a certain game in the short time they have available, it needs to be interesting. The competition is fierce and it is not my intention to pass for an optimist. I am personally involved in the study of various forms of entertainment. In the future we will focus on creating new unreleased games, as well as continuing the tradition of productions like Mario and Zelda. “

Of course, we still can’t know if the new projects will be able to wedge themselves into the historical hierarchy of Nintendo, but it is certainly interesting to note that the company does not intend to rest on its laurels. And we at will not fail to keep you updated on developments.

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